Exercise And Good Diets, A Sure Way Of Maintaining Healthy Weight


Taking part in different types of exercise has been proven to be beneficial to human health in differs way.  Apart from its target on physical fitness, it also aims at enhancing the overall health and wellness.

Exercise and Cardiovascular System
The efficiency and strength of the cardiovascular system is been improved through exercise so as to get the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. 
Whenever your cardiovascular system works better, everything seems easier and adds more energy for the fun stuff in life.
Exercise and Good Diets To Maintain Healthy Weight

Exercise And Healthy Diets
Combining exercise with healthy diets assists in maintaining a healthy weight and as well lowers the risks of developing coronary heart diseases. An account of a first-hand experience by a Nigerian photographer, Adekuoroye Tolu revealed how effective the act could be.
In her words, she said “apart from losing weight, she has noticed that since she started exercisingand maintaining a healthy diet, some health issues hanging around her just left on their own”.
She added that In fact, she could not just turn anyhow especially on her side when lying down due to serious muscle pain in the middle of the night especially after a long period of shooting, chest pains and some other little things. Many of these just disappeared with the exercises and diet.
My skin and hair has suddenly remembered to glow. Honestly, eating healthy is just for those losing weight; it will help your overall well being, Tolu affirmed.
In one of our previous posts, it was stated clearly that adequate nutritiongoes beyond the mere provision of food items to people.
Nutrition goes beyond how mountainous a food is but rather, an idea diet should include the high quality of nutrients such as unsaturated fats, essential amino acids, potable water, and vegetables and so on. This however, must be available all the year round.
According to her, Adekuoroye Tolu said for some times now, she has consciously noticed what people consume and it’s really scary.
“Many people consume poisonin the name of food. There are times you meet people in canteens buying up to 8 pieces of meat not even chicken and the oil in the soup will be flowing like it is coming from a river”.
Instead of consuming junks and its family members (concentrated fats), should be replaced with fruitsand other vegetables. Some people can eat packs of these junks on a spot. Pity your life, exercise soft control with all you eat.
Take some time off soft and other carbonated drinks; prepare juice from your fruits. 
Drink a lot of water; you really do not know what you do to your body when you help it with water. Get a water bottle and carry around to remind you.
Try to eat the classes of food in the right proportion; combining same class of food is just not good. For example, consuming rice and yam do not make sense to me, why will you not just spice it up with other varieties to make it balanced? 
When foods are consumed in the right proportion, it enhances wellness and therefore promotes good health and invariably increases the chances of one living long life.
Eating a variety of food can promote a better health this is because no single food contains the correct proportion of all essential nutrients, balance diet is essential for a good health; it provides the amount of all nutrients in the correct proportion to meet body requirements.
Take some time out to exercise your body even if it to run or jog around your compound particularly when you sit for a long time in the office. Some of the things we do as young people may not have effect on us now until much later when it may be too late.
Lastly, some individuals are gluttons. In fact, some don’t eat from plates, they eat from trays. No matter how big your stomachcapacity for food is, try to be disciplined and have self control.
There is no gain in eating excess food. It should be noted that the larger your waist line, the shorter your life span. And always ensure you strike a balance between what you eat and what you expand. In doing so, you invariably adding years to life and life to years.
Living healthy requires our collective conscious effort, nothing good comes easy but if you must live well, you must take care of your body and not subject it to diseases. Think of your body as a house protecting you through life, take good care of it. Go for checkups; do not wait to be rushed to the hospital.
Take control of your health today!!!

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