COVID-19 can be defeated through our collective efforts.

COVID-19: A seeming Long Battle to Fight

COVID-19 Situation Report

As contained in the World Health Organization’s report, there is a global decrease in coronavirus cases and death incidences. With over 3 million new cases and over 73 000 new deaths reported in the past week, which equals 15% and 8%, respectively, there is still a decrease compared to the previous week. 

However, today places like Malaysia, England, Wales, Scotland and so on are still on lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. While according to Statista, African countries like South Africa, as at the last report on 9th of June 2021, tops the table with new cases of 1,712, 939, Morocco 522, 285, Tunisia 360, 285, Nigeria 166, 982 and Saint Helena with just 2 new cases was the last on the table. 

The New Normal

It is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak has created a new normal for the entire inhabitants of the earth, and it was such a shocking reality that everyone has to accept, of course, no option. Above various theories and rumours from different countries and people, the bio weapon-world politics narrative, the truth is that it has come, and everyone has to do their best to stay alive.   

More than ever, Coronavirus shook the world to its root, and like I pointed out in some of my previous posts, the pandemic has made some highly developed countries looked unto to the sky for help.

Come to think of it, no sector was spared, none. However, it is essential to ask some salient questions like, has COVID-19 come to stay with us? Are we winning the battle already? Has the world gradually been restored to its initial? Should we still expect more border closure and so on?    

The truth is, COVID-19 seems to be here, and humans have to fight it for some times. Have a relaxed seat and enjoy reading.

COVID-19: The Rise and fall

Shortly after the sudden hit of COVID-19that shook the whole world, some persons and countries disregarded the reality. Some on the basis that it is not novel, others based their theories on the fact that COVID-19 was for business to weaken some leading nations and so on. Others were so quick to roll out their herbal cure, the effort which was later while some countries seem unbothered about the whole. 

Sooner, there was a bit of relief with several medical breakthroughs and successes recorded via treatments and vaccines. That, however, did not stop the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases. For example, Death cases related to COVID-19 pandemic severely hit India even after several other countries had had their first wave and surge.

The question will be, what is the way forward in all these? And I’d like that you take your time to read a bit further.

 Prevention is Key!

I have over time recapped that prevention is cheaper, better, more effective and less painful than cure, and other schools of thought have opined that way as well. Unlike cure, prevention leaves no scars memory on people, and it is one of the significant reasons to embrace prevention.

Regular and Adequate Hand Washing is Key

In this context, your safety is paramount. You must abide by and work within the ambit of guidelines that relevant authorities have provided.

Masking Up

Instructions like social distancing, masking up, frequent hand-washing; avoiding gatherings, consuming healthier and optimum diets, maintaining a high level of hygienic practices and exercising. Than expected, COVID-19 seems to be here to stay and do not forget that most people, especially in developing nations, have not taken the COVID-19 vaccine. So, the best thing is to prepare to cope with the current reality.  

Why you should learn to cope with it

The fact remains that COVID-19 is still very much with us, and as such, we must learn to protect ourselves. Do not jettison the place of good health; everything centres on it. While we strongly advise vaccine uptake, couple with the COVID-19 regulations, do well to stay healthy!

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