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The Current Struggle: Unraveling the Effects of Economic Hardship on Mental Health

Introduction: The term “wellness” encompasses the holistic state of balance across various dimensions, including professional, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, physical, and environmental well-being. Significantly, an individual’s financial situation plays a … Read More

Image of Hepatitis

Deadlier than We Think: Hepatitis Getting Less Attention than Required in Nigeria

One silent and deadly diseases that often gets less attention than it deserves in Nigeria is Hepatitis.

This article tries to provide information about the disease with the intention of raising awareness about the disease and the need to pay more attention about it.

3 Healthy Habits You Must Develop and Imbibe in 2023

The excerpt of this article is to be intentional with what goes into your mouth. Imbibe the habit of eating whole grain, and reduce excess sugar and salt intake. Also, strike a balance between energy intake and expended energy.

Proven Simple Ways to Lose Fat For Women

Some women are battling with an increased social and psychological problems today as a result of obesity, here are simple ways to lose fat for women. Is there a time … Read More