First Aid For All-A Must Have Skill

The football world over the weekend would have been thrown into an unwanted sorrow if not for a swift and gallantry role by a man who goes by the name Simon Kjaer. 

I know you are aware of the incident during the match between Denmark and Finland, how Christian Eriksen fell on the pitch because he had a heart attack. Though there was high tension due to the unforeseen incident, Simon was able to control the situation. This simple first Aid of clearing Christian Eriksen’s air passage, maturely calling for help, and boldly reassuring the teammates and the victim’s wife was a commendable act. That calls for a deep reflection that first aid skills aren’t a joke. 

Like I had pointed out in one of the previous posts, first Aid is not limited to specific people; it is a must-have skill for everyone. Note also that you have to be intentional about having and honing the skill.  

First Aid truly an Aid, not treatment

First Aid is not to be mistaken as a treatment. It is support- a skilled one, administered on a victim before the arrival of medics or before the victim is taken to hospital for proper and adequate care. It is essential to clarify that so people don’t get confused about the true nature of first Aid. It is designed to provide relief to a victim and prevent the case from becoming worse. 

First Aid guided by principles

Principles govern life itself, so also is First Aid. You don’t try anything out while administering First Aid. No, there are laid principles that you must follow. Part of this includes a prompt assessment of the situation before swinging into action. While this is done, it must be void of fear and panic, and the person administering first Aid must prioritize cases with severity.

It becomes imperative to follow the basic first aid principles so that one does not negate aiding quick recovery. 

While commending the high level of leadership shown by Simon, this serves as a call to people across the board to get trained in relevant first aid skills. Do not wait till you become a victim; neither should you wait till incidents unfold become getting trained. 

Stay healthy, fit, and conscious!

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