The Massive Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are an excellent source of nutrientsto humans, and no one will deny the fact that dates are sweet. There are massive health benefits of dates apart from its sweetness.


Dates have been in existence since time immemorial. Some online sources believed that dates had been parts of human food since 6,000 B.C.
The Massive Helth Benefits of Dates

Another source argued that dates have been a good source nutrient to humans since 7,000 B.C and others maintained that humans started eating as back date since 50 million years.

Regardless of the year it was discovered or started serving human being; one fact is that dates are full of benefits.
History has it that date palm came from modern Iraq, although Egyptians too were believed to have earlier made wine dates. Dates are believed to have gotten to countries like Spain, California, Mexico and Southwest Asia as a result of trading.

Types of Dates

There exists different kind of date, close to 30 types. However, datesare broadly classified into three typeswhich house other types of dates. The three broad types are:
Semi-dry and
What differentiates the three types of dates are the inherent fructose, glucose and sucrose contents in them. We cannot exhaust the types of dates; here are some further types of dates:

Hayani: these types of datesare exclusively found and grown in Egypt. They come in red to black colour. They are sweet, long in structure and have a crunchy texture.

Halawy: This type come in small sizes and has incredible sweetness.
Deglet Noor: this type of date falls under the broad semi-dry variety. They are found in the African countries of Algeria and Tunisia. Not that sweet though but they are cooked most times.
Iteema: these types are longerthan it’s wide, big and have extreme sweetness. It has its origin in Algeria.
Medjool: it originated from Morocco. Highly delicious, large and have a flavor that looks like toffee.    

 The Robust Nutritional Contents Found in Dates

If you desire an increase in the amount of fibre, copper or other vital nutrients, dates could be a good source for you.
Though date appears small in size, but it has high residual nutritional content. 27% RDA. 6.7grams of fibresare present to date. It consists 696 milligrams and 20% RDA of potassium.  Date has 54 milligrams and 14% RDA of magnesium and also 0.3 milligrams. 15% RDA of manganese.  

Dates Are A Sure Relieve ForConstipation

The study has shown that the pulp extracted from date assist in stimulating the gastrointestinal and in return help to treat constipation. This is madepossible as the pulp corrects the mineral content deregulation that happens in the course of constipation.  
 The available fibrespresent in date fruits serve as a means of preventing the digestive system cancers.
Often time, we classify dates to be laxative food, and toderive the laxative effects of dates, you are advised to immerse the dates inside water overnight and then, it is ready for consumption the following day. 
The Massive Health Benefits of Dates

Lack of adequate fibreintake could lead to constipation; this was made known by the University of Rochester Medical Center. Dates, however, are an excellent source of fibre and also assist in solving the problem of constipation.
Consuming 20-35 grams of fibredaily enhances easy defecation and as well prevent constipation.

Date Improves Heart Health

As we all know the importance of the heart in the human body datesare not left out in increasing the effectivefunctioning of the heart.
It has been proven that a handful of dates have a way of improving the health of the heart. The antioxidants derived from dates assist in preventing the body from atherosclerosis (a condition where cholesterol, fats and other substances are built in the arterial walls which hardened the arteries).
The antioxidants fuel the removal of cholesterol from the arterial cells. Dates as a result of the presence of isoflavones help in reducing cardiovascular diseases risks. Consuming dates equally lower coronary heart diseases. 

Date Helps In Improving Human Bone

Eating dates becomenecessary for you if you want to improve the health of your bones. This could be because of the vitamins present in dates. Elements such as manganese, magnesium, selenium and copper are present in Dates. 
When an individual makes dates part of what he or she eats, not only will it strengthen the health of the person’s bones but also serves as prevention against disease conditions like osteoporosisfrom affecting the individual. 
Report from North Dakota state university has it that boron an element, is readily present in dates and it is known to be excellent for human bones. Vitamin K helps in blood coagulation and as well help in facilitating bone metabolism.   
Consuming dates will be a boost for your bones, most especially the aged ones whose bones become weaker as a result of their age.

Dates Help In Regulating Blood Pressure

Potassium assists in lowering the levels of individual’s blood pressure. The same element is present in dates, which means it has a way of helping one in reducing the blood pressure when it is consumed.

Dates Enhances SexualHealth

The palm pollen of the dates plant has been researched by Indian researchers to be useful in T.M (traditional medicine) in enhancing fertilityin the male
Dates Helps In Preventing Night Blindness
The record has it that principal cause of night blindness is a deficiency in vitamins like vitamin A. dates been highly rich in this vitamin will serve the purpose of combating the case. Cases of night blindness conditions are rare in areas where dates are cultivated.

Dates Helps In Preventing Intoxication 

Dates are common in Northern Nigeria. It is has a local name Debino, andit is a common practice among people that drinknative beer to add dates with pepper into the beer with the belief that it will lessen intoxication. This, however, is still subjected to further research.

Dates Supports Healthy Pregnancy

It has been common mistakesamong pregnant women to consume foods that although high in calories but with low nutrients. 
Dates are high in calories and thereby very good for pregnant women more than other women who are not pregnant because they (pregnant women) need about three hundred calories more than those who are not pregnant.
Because of the presence of fibrein dates, it helps in preventing pregnancy haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are common pregnancy complication and it majorly occurs as result of lack of fibre intake and dates plants provides a good source of fibre which can help curb such complication.
It is also a known fact that dates assist in strengthening uterine walls (uterus muscles) towards the end of pregnancy. 
Studies according to Jordan, shows that more outcomes that are favourable are produced when dates are consumed in last four weeks of pregnancy before labour.
Our health is very important as individuals, and we must take good care of ourselves so as to attain the optimal health we all aim at. This however, can’t be attained in a single day, we must therefore do everything that will make us healthy.
Consuming dates is very good for our wellbeing because of the nutrients inherent in the plant. 

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