World Environment Day

A Healthy Environment Habitable for All

The Concept of Environment

It is no news that the environment is critical to humans’ health and their overall wellbeing. And to have another opinion that negates this position is at a human detriment. It is not in any way a wise one. This is because the environment provides habitat for people, animals, and other creatures as permitted by nature. 

According to Akintaro (2013), the environment is the totality of all-natural and man-made living and non-living things which may or not be seen around humans. The environment is essential for human survival as it houses everything needed. It also provides the majority of what humans need to thrive. 

 One must also note that all that humans do affect the environment and vice-visa. It implies that man’s action and inaction today threaten nature, making the environment toxic and hazardous to those who inhabit it. It is no gainsaying that humans reap whatever they sow in the environment. The earlier they understand this fact, the better for them to enjoy good health.

World Environment Day 2021

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Health and Environment

Today, being World Environment Day, it is essential to remind ourselves of the connection between the environment and human health. It is imperative also to keep our environment in good shape, all for our good.

For example, it is in the record that nine out of ten people are breathing in unclear air across the world. The contamination in the air poses significant harm to human health and makes them susceptible to a shortened life span. 

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) estimated that seven million people die globally of air pollution every year. People from low and middle-income countries travailing more from the exposures.  

You should also note that having steady contact with pollutants can harm the human brain both in children and adults. For children, it can result in developmental deferrals, can even be responsible for lower I.Q.s, and cause behavioural problems. At the same time, the elder ones suffer from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases due to pollutants.

When biodiversity is lost, there is a compromise in the nutritional value of food and diet. This loss subjects humans to malnutrition and diet-related diseases, no wonder the skyrocketing increase in the rate of diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.

An environment that is filled with waste from human activities such as untreated sewage, industrial discharge, and other forms of wastes contaminate the water source and and 

Wastes from human activities such as untreated sewage, industrial discharge, and agricultural runoff contaminate the water sources. It makes people prone to varying health challenges like polio, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid. Lives in water like fish are not spared too. They become threatened, and eventually, when human beings consume them, their digestive, immune, and nervous systems become affected.  

Make the environment less toxic, more habitable, and less conducive for pathogens to breed. To achieve this, humans must be intentional, maintain a high level of hygienic practices, and dispose of their waste appropriately. It is also necessary to key into the 5Rs of waste management (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle) and, as much as possible, plant trees and make your environment green.

World Environment Day 2021

Remember, this is the only environment we’ve got. Our collective duty is to keep our surroundings clean and greener and take deliberate efforts to save mother Earth. Be part of those who make it work and, in turn, build a healthy environment that will aid human health and overall wellbeing.

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