Tips To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season

Harmattan season always come with dry air and dusty wind. Most places experience the season with cold, butit could be hot in other places base on the environmental condition of the dwellers. Here are some tips to stay healthy in harmattanseason.

The tips become expedient as harmattan season comes with its peculiar dryness. During harmattan, there is always a drop in the humidity. Harmattan could reduce the humidity level to as low as fifteen percent (15%). Such reduction in humidity could have a serious effect on people. 
Tips To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season

You are not to forget that the season is not brief, as it starts from November and ends mostly in March. It is, therefore, important to get oneself prepared for the season.

The environment becomes dusty, dried and cloudy. Such situation could have an effect on   human’s health which includes:
Lip cracking, nose-bleeding, stuffy nose, and mouth bleeding. During harmattan, asthmatic cases become aggravated. Other effects are on the skin (it gets dry easily), reddish eye effect and also respiratory system.

Things To Do To Stay Healthy

Drink enough water: This is important to prevent the body from the dehydrating effect of harmattan.
Constant covering of mouth and nose:Doing this will prevent the nose and mouth from dustparticles. There are mouth and nose mask to serve the purpose.
Ensure you wash your eyes regularly:  This is to avoid the reddish eye effect of harmattan season.

Maintain hygiene rule: Do this by washing your hands regularly not only in harmattan season alone but always. Also, ensure your room is well clean.
Minimise outdoor activities: Since the environment become dusty during this period, it is important to reduce outdoor activities, most importantly for people who are allergic to dust.
Thick clothes:  You are advised to put on clothes that will keep your body warm.

Tips To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season
Close your windows: Since almost everywhere become dusty during harmattan, it is important to keep your room closed. It is very important to do this to avoid catarrh.
Keep Wet Lips: It is important to keep lips moistener with you. Apply same on your lips to keep it wet. Lip balms like beeswax, extra virgin olive oil  and Coconut butter does this better as they the lips naturally moisten.

More fruits:  Fruits ought to be part of our meal always, but its effect during the harmattan can’t be overemphasized. Consume fruitsand foods that can provide the body with vitamins C. pineapples and orange is a good source. It will prevent one from catarrh and sneezing which occur as a result of dry air.

Tips To Stay Healthy During Harmattan Season

Treat Your Skin Well: The skin get dry easily during harmattan and becomes wringle. It is important to use cream that can help moisten the skin during the harmattan season.
Do away with creams that are heavy and thick rather use light cream that help hydrate your skin. 

Move Around With Hand Towel: Ensure you keep with you hand-towel that can easily be used to cleanse your face off dirt. By doing this, your skin will become revitalised.

Harmattan And The Aged Ones

The mortality rate of the old ones during this season is always at an increased rate, and this could be a result of the change in weather. Therefore, more carewill be required during this season. They must be well clothed and kept warm always.    
Since health is a continuum, we must do all we can to stay healthy at all times. Therefore, follow the tips given above and stay well. Remember, you only enjoy your wealth when you are healthy.

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