Our Blog Becomes Healthier Today As Adsense was Approved

Health Defined

For one to be termed as being healthy, some aspect of such an individual that must be checked. Omonu, a renowned Prof of health education, sees health as knowledge in action, that is, one’s health not depending on what one knows but upon what he does. 

World Health Organization (WHO), the apex body of health, gave their encompassing definition of health as a complete state of being well, mentally, physically, and socially, as an individual and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Also, the Churches Medical Commission of World Council of Churches believes that health is a dynamic state of well-being of an individual and society; of physical, mental, spiritual, economic, political and social well-being; of being in harmony with each other, with the natural environment and with God.    

 Health And Achievement

Our achievements have a way of boosting our health. It assists mental wellbeing and also the social aspect too. The physical aspect, on the other hand, become strengthened as a result of what has been achieved. You will want to do more; you become inspired to attain more heights since the previous efforts have yielded a good result.
For one to be termed has been healthy, his or her social life is important, and part of what makes one socially healthy is an achievement.

 Adsense News

Today nghealthtips, a blog saddled with the responsibility of dishing out health tips to people on how to take prompt action about issues that pertain to their health got her Adsense approved by Google. It implies that Google has noticed our unrelenting efforts in ensuring that people stay healthy in this disease ridden era.
We Got Our Blog Adsense Approved

 Mission Restated

On this note, we want to appreciate our dear readers and reassure them that we will keep on doing this great job of health educating the populace about health-related issues.

 Health Tips Summary

To stay healthy, maintain hygienic practices, consume a balanced diet, embrace an active lifestyle and get good and enough sleep. When you do these, then you are on the pathway to optimal health.  

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