Prostatitis Disease, What Men Dread

Everyone talks about different sickness and illness that they have been through in the past, or are going through presently; both male and female have various health issues that they go through from time to time and prostatitis disease is what men dread.

Prostatitis disease, what men dread

Have you ever been in a situation where a man walks up to you and tries to explain how he is feeling in his pubic area, but he is unable to put it in complete words; he is unable to express himself because of the discomfort he feels.

Have you ever had a sibling who has had trouble urinating in the past? Who has had a lot of discomfort getting up from bed to use the toilet or is even having a problem relating to low sperm count?
In this situation, it is worse than bad. The pain, the agony, the stress, even the drugs to be consumed, and in most cases, the pain they feel.
If you notice anyone with this problem, they are usually not comfortable and cannot stay in one place for too long, especially have a problem with sitting. Most of them are most likely suffering from “Prostatitis.”
No one prays for any of this pain, discomfort and agony, and that is why it is essential for everyone and anyone, especially any guy or man out there to know what this illness is, what it can do and how it can affect the body or organs in the body.
It is essential to be conversant with the types, the causes, the symptoms, the treatments, the cure and prevention of this illness.
It is very mandatory or essential in that sense to know all about this illness to avoid it, or if it happens unexpectedly, it would be okay to detect its symptoms quickly.
This article is in every way very detailed and explanatory and is very easy for anyone to read and comprehend. It aims at explaining in detail all about prostatitis and the harm it has caused so many, and what it is still capable of doing.
Definition Of Prostatitis
This is popularly known as inflammation, but I would like to refer to it as a disease which affects the prostate gland, and with time causes it to swell and expand with time.
The gland is precisely like the size of a walnut, and it is situated directly below the bladder in a male.
What the gland does is help in the production of semen in men, it also helps to nourish and helps in transporting sperm through the penis during sexual intercourse.
About 12 percent of men will experience prostatitis symptoms; it usually affects men or guys who are under the age of 50. Yes!
It is a fact; prostatitis affects young men who are still very vibrant in bed and causes them to be more or less not useful sexually to their partners.
I’m very sure this is what every man dreads and has no ears to hear; having a woman tells them that they are not good enough, but don’t worry. This article is going to do a lot to change that for you if you can diligently take time out to read it and apply all the steps.
Prostatitis According To How They Are Classified

Acute Prostatitis: This is known as a bacterial infection of the prostate gland, which is right, bacteria, is the primary or leading cause of this type of prostatitis.
 Bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella, Proteus, Pseudomonas and Enterobacter, are types of bacteria that can be found in the body when a full blood count is done to test in a laboratory.
Acute prostatitis is very easy to diagnose, and in most cases, it is essential to go through surgery. The organisms are usually found in the blood or the urine, or in most cases, it is found in both.
When a person comes to the hospital and is diagnosed with this kind of prostatitis, it is not in any way advisable to give a prostate massage for this type of person; else it could lead to a situation called Sepsis.
This could be very dangerous and could endanger the life of the person in one way or the other, and decrease the chances of getting better.
Also, when such a person is diagnosed with this type of prostatitis, the person is most likely experiencing a swollen, tender, soft, and painful episode with his prostate gland, it would be almost difficult for such a person to be himself, with his increased urge to visit the toilet at intervals.
Such a person would have to be checked out as soon as possible to allow the doctors find out what can be done as quickly as possible.
One thing that can be very fatal is if the prostate gland swells a lot and bursts. There is almost no chance of saving such a person.
Treatment: Apart from the fact that in most cases, surgery is needed, acute prostatitis is not in any way to be compared to the other types of prostatitis. It can also be treated with antibiotics.
 These antibiotics include; ciprofloxacin and doxycycline. Some antibiotics lack the capabilities to penetrate the problems of the prostate gland, but it is essential to find one that is very good and would help to heal up in no time.
Also, in hospitals, it is advised by doctors to their patients, that they should engage in therapy sessions from time to time, 2-3 days in a week is helpful for such patients, and can help to hasten relief from the present issue of the problem.

Chronic Prostatitis: This type of prostatitis is also scientifically known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). It caused a pelvic pain condition in men; it does not have any bacteria in it. This type of prostatitis was formerly known as prostatodynia.
This type of prostatitis is very tricky as there is usually no sign of urinary tract infection even if it has lasted for about three months.
The symptoms are not usually hard to notice, but often it is ignored by people. It ranges most time, from little pain to sharp pain which lasts for just a moment; it also varies from mild pain to coarse.
When it becomes worse and visible is when it starts affecting the scrotum, and there is a kind of pain at the back.
Such a person can show signs of uncomfortable sessions, with fatigue, constant abdominal pain, the person, might start feeling a burning in the pelvic area, and one thing that is constant is the increased urge to urinate at every time which is very painful for the person.
Medication: So many drugs can be used to treat this illness, medications include antibiotics.
Nevertheless, the antibiotics might prove to be futile, some people in the past have had a lot of testimonies about how they made use of antibiotics, and they were relieved from the agony they were facing, but some have nothing good to say about it.
It is then advised by doctors to make sure that the proper compound or treatment is found out to enable such a person to heal up as soon as possible. Someone with this type of prostatitis should in every way heed to the advice of his doctor.
Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis: This is also a bacterial infection of the prostate gland; this is a rare condition, as it is not usually common in people.
It is a reoccurring urine infection that originated from a chronic infection in the prostate gland.
Here, the symptoms may not be visible at first, in most cases they are not, but it becomes well apparent when there is a bladder infection in position, and this problem does not go away instantly, it is here to stay.
This is a very rare disease at it will only affect 5 in 20 individuals.
How it is diagnosedis very simple; through the bacteria in the prostate. The doctor here obtains urine from his or her patient, by putting a lot of pressure on the prostate to bring out the fluid. If the fluid proves not to come out due to the pressure, a urine massage should be administered.
Treatment: It is effortless to treat this illness, as doctors often advise antibiotic therapy to their patients. It usually helps from time to time.
Asymptomatic Prostatitis: This does not attribute or brings about any pain for any patient, as there is usually no evidence of infection in the patient. It should be distinguished from all another type of prostatitis that causes pain in people. It produces no kind of pelvic pain or problem for anyone.
Patients experiencing this have no complaint about pain when urinating, but there is evidence of leucocytosis found in the body of the person.
This illness can only be diagnosed by testing the semen or prostate tissue that shows signs of inflammation. There is usually no treatment required.
This type of prostatitis is usually due to prostate cancer.
We have examined in detail the various classifications of prostatitis and how they affect the male body.
The prostate gland in men is very subtle and delicate, any infection or inflammatory that affects it could cause something very fatal and disorganised for an individual.
This article is not in any way negative all the way, but it is a way of opening the eyes of people especially the male gender, of the danger this infection can do to the body of an individual.
Now we are going to examine also in detail the various complications one can experience when prostatitis is in the body, in other words, we are now going to look into the various symptoms of prostatitis in the body of a man.
These symptoms are a way of showing to people what exactly is going on inside the body of an individual.
Symptoms help in the best way to tell people out there or make them have an idea of what a person is going through on the inside because usually, some people have a kind of difficulty conveying how they feel inside to people.
Symptoms Of Prostatitis
There are unspeakable and mind and body torturing symptoms of prostatitis in a person. Some of which are usually severee and help to weaken the immune system of the body.

The simple fact is, anyone who is suffering from prostatitis is sexually irrelevant and incompetent.

No one wants this, so it is better to know the symptoms of this disease to quickly detect anyone who shows any signs of it, and help to take them to the hospital as soon as possible.
These symptoms include:
High fever: This is very common in individuals with this disease; they tend to start off with a headache and temperature which increases with time.
Soon it leads to high fever, which means the body temperature is very high, and if something is not done to break such fever it could make the person start acting in disturbing ways.
Such fever might go straight into the brains of the person, causing the person to act uncontrollably; some people, in this case, are usually destructive in nature because they most likely do not know what is happening to their body.
We have seen cases where little children who have a kind of fever, get soaked with a wet towel all over their body, to cool off the fever.
This symptom is one that should be taken note of as every person who has prostatitis, shows signs of high fever.
Chills: We are not going to dwell too much on this as it also comes with a high fever. Here, the patient feels very healthy on the outside or in most cases very hot on the outside, but inside the body, it is almost as if ice blocks have been poured into the body of the person.
The person experiences uncontrollable chills and shivering from time to time even when the weather is scorching.
The person cannot control the body from shivering uncontrollably. Such a person should be taken to the hospital immediately as such a person is most likely suffering from prostatitis.
The muscles ache: The tissues in the body start to hurt with time, and it is pronounced that as the person becomes pale, the skin colour begins to change. All the joints and muscles in the body of the person are very painful by this time, and though it can be lessened with pain relievers, when it comes back, usually it comes with a higher pain.
This is part of the discomfort that people experience from time to time, which makes them angry all of the time, and unable to talk without voicing out their anger.
Some even take their anger out on other people around them, because they cannot handle the pain they are bearing deep inside their muscles.
It is therefore essential to study such a person and recommend the presence of a physician immediately.
Frequent urination: This is the utmost symptom of the illness. In the first place, there is something wrong with the prostate gland, though the gland helps with semen, it also helps to pass out urine from the bladder.

If something went wrong with the prostate gland, something would go wrong with the bladder, so such a person in this category is going to visit the toilet almost every time of the day, no matter how little the water they take.
Discomfort in peeing: This is a harrowing aspect for anyone who has prostatitis. Usually, it feels like something weighty is about to drop from the bladder (which is just urine by the way), and the person starts to experience uncontrollable pain, such a person has no choice, he has to pee, else he would do so in his pants.
This pain is like never before, and no one really would pray to experience such pain and discomfort just in the place of peeing.
Other known symptoms of prostatitis include Excruciating pain around the penis, or usually behind the scrotum; some people also have a feeling of a bowel movement in their pelvic area, which is attached to a lot of discomforts; also there is a weak stream of urine passed out through the penis at intervals.
Some people cannot sit properly anymore, as they feel a very sharp and aching pain at their backs, they are usually supported by pillows or something very soft to ease the pain from their backs.
Finally, we are going to look into the risk factors. People who have a high potential or capabilities to have this disease called “prostatitis.”
Any young or middle-aged man can have this disease. Ages 50 downwards.
Any infection that occurs in the bladder can propagate this disease called prostatitis.
If something affects the pelvic area, maybe during a tender age due to a hard fall, this could later result in prostatitis.
If someone has been hospitalised severally and is now making use of a tube to extract urine from the bladder, this could maybe cause prostatitis.
A man who has HIV/AIDS can also have prostatitis as it is often in the blood rather than in the urine.
Whenever you notice any of the following, you are advised to see a doctor:
Pain in the pelvic area
Problem or discomfort urinating
Urinating blood
Streamlines urine at every second of the day (little urine every time)
If ejaculation proves to become a problem
If an erection is difficult to erect despite sexual progress.
Causes Of Prostatitis
The causes of prostatitis vary because there are different types; nevertheless, these things help to improve the chances of having prostatitis: bacteria, and any type of infection.
The bacteria in the urine often leaks into the prostate gland and starts making it swell from time to time which brings about all the effects talked about above.
Antibiotics can be a source of remedy here.
Hope this article has proved to be very helpful in diverse ways; all you need to do it study and learn. This disease is everywhere in the world today.

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