Cancer, Causes, Types and Its Disastrous Side Effects

The world is filled up with differenttypes of healthchallenges and diseases now. Cancer is one the most feared type of diseasesin the world today. This article looks into the disease cancer and its disastrous side effects.

It is a terrible diseasethat endangers the life of so many people out there. It is one dreadful disease that always leaves a mark in the lives of its victims.
Cancer, Causes, Types and Its Disastrous Side Effects

Cancer does so much to put people in a state of disarray and depression that it only takes a part of someone away and gives but back very slowly.

Its victims tend to be angry all the time with the excruciating pain that comes with it. Remember that, cancer differs, there are various and different types of cancer problems in the world today.

Most of them are very common, especially in women. Some are in rare cases but happen in some countries.
Irrespective of the kind of cancer, it is something or experience that no one should ever have to go through.
It is very deleterious to the body, the mind, and the emotions. These experiences are horrible for the hormones; they tend to cause pain and deep thinking to an individual.

Some even try as much as possible to take their own lives because they cannot bear the pains. Cancer is dangerous and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Cancer can happen or affect anyone,and at any time, cancer is prevalent amongst children nowadays but mostcommon in older adults.

A lot of people have given testimonies about all the horrible ordeals they went through during the cancer period, and how they came out fine, but others have died from this disease.

Some victims never had the opportunity to live because of this disease; it could be as a result of the negligenceof symptoms, and others as a result of ignorance of the signs of cancer.

Cancer affects the cells, and so all the body gets affected with time, as long as blood flows in the veins of a person, cancer can spread from one part of the body to another.

This article is going to help play a role out there, make a decision never to allow cancer to be a part of their lives again; it is also going to help to give insight into the various kinds of symptoms attributed to cancer.

Children have cancer every day all around the world, children die every minute due to cancer, some of them had parents that did not pay attention, and even they paid attention, they were oblivious to what the outcome would be.

Some had parents who have never even heard of cancer; they only knew what it meant the day they took their children to the hospital.

Incidents like this areno one’s fault; it is most likely just the situation they have found themselves.

But then! The world is evolving, technology is taking its course, and people are now more mobile than they were in the past years.

Anyone can pick up their phones or laptops and go through the internet to find out about a disease like cancer and read about it.

They can also check articles like this out and gain more knowledge for the future. No one prays to suffer from canceror see their loved ones suffer from it, but it is better to know what it entails, what it is all about, this would help to strengthen our sense of awareness, and contribute to notice when something is wrong with the body.

This article is going to provide a detailed explanation of what this disease is all about, what it does, how it is described, its types, its causes, andits symptoms. This would help families to be very aware of situations around them, especially cancer situations.

Some symptoms come and go. In the real sense, no knowledge gained is wasted; it becomes useful at one point in our lives.

A perfect description of a cancer patient

A cancer patient experiences episodes of pain to pains it never stops, the pain is very constant and now a part of them.

The pain varies from mild to hard and very painful. If it were at one particular place or joint in the body that the pain was affecting, it could have been a much easier episode to go through; ratherthe pain occurs in all parts of the body.

It is unbearable in most cases; itdoes not relent, it’s like the body is a battlefieldand warriors are fighting in it, the physical form would most likely be very uncomfortable.

A cancer patient is angry most of the time; it is worse if such a person when without the disease had a very short temper, as the hormones are being aggravated in the body, it could increase the tendency to be angry most of the time with themselves as patients and often at God.

Some result to asking to die, to ease the pain once and for all. Cancer patients when going through some treatments appearsvery dry and look pale.

The blood is affected, and they experience unnecessary bleeding, so blood is in a way leaving the body, making them white and dry looking.

Some of them with time can’t even walk anymore; they need people around to support them.

Nothing is usually enough for individualswith this disease; they often feel like if they were whole and not sick, they would be able to carry on some duties by themselves without anyone’s help.

No one has to go through cancer just as it is evident that its effects on the body can be a bit disastrous and overwhelming.

Definition of the term cancer

Cancer is popularly known as malignancy in the medical world; it is caused by an abnormal growth of cells, orexcess duplication of cells in the body in an abnormal way.

One cell breaks into partsand each broken pieces begin to grow and multiply, this is an unusual case affecting the cells in a human body, and it is termed as cancer. Every cancer type is classified or is drawn into different classifications according to the kind of cells that are being affected, that is why there are over a 100 type of cancer.

When a cancerous cell; or a cell that has been affected by cancer moves around the blood systems, it begins to destroy healthy tissues in the body, and it attacks that body’s immune system and renders it useless in no time.
Cancer, Causes, Types and Its Disastrous Side Effects

The cells begin to divide and grow and multiply in the body. We have seen a perfect description or definition of the term cancer; it is an awful situation for the body and the immune system of the body.

Many people do not have the slightest idea what is going on with their bodies; they do not have the slightest opinion as to whether they have cancer, all they know and feel is pain all over their body.

They are unable to do the routinechores that they would get done on a typicalday; they have different episodes of fear of death, daily they are haunted in their minds.

The patients are not in any way capable of leading a normal life again, and when the news hits them suddenly when they are told by a doctor or a physician that they have a particular type of cancer, everything seems to be shattered.

There is no need telling what the disease can do to the body, but it is undeniable it came to destroy it.

Some people watch their loved ones go through such pain, and they cannot handle it themselves.

Some do not even have loved ones; they get abandoned with time, and that feeling of being inadequate sweeps over them like a fresh breeze.

Cancer has caused so many deathsand is still responsible for so many deaths, cancer has lead so many children go their early grave, and that is why each country has a movement or union against this dreadful disease.

It is so rampant and constant that it can be passed on from parents to children. It could run in the family, it could be different types, but it is cancer that runs in the family.

Some people married or born into a particular family have no choice but to face this music later in the future at one point in their lives.

There are various kinds or types of cancer; we will only be talking about the most common ones that you and I are familiar with.

Types of cancer

Breast cancer: This is a kind of cancer that affects women only; it is called cancer of the breast.

When there is a lump in the breast tissue, it begins to multiply, and damage the tissues in the breast; it affects the lactic glands in the breast(this is the gland that produces milk) and sucks it dry.
Cancer, Causes, Types and Its Disastrous Side Effects

Soon there is an abnormal swelling of the breast, the breasts become very soft and painful even at the slightest touch, and if proper precautions are not taken, cancer metastasis to the other breast and begin to affect it as well.

When this disease is detected very early in a woman, she goes through an operation which involves the removal of the breasts that is affected by cancer and of course which is determined by a thorough scan.

Some women survive this ordeal, while some do not as cancer has caused a lot of damage; they have come to seek the aid of a doctor or physician very late.

This is a type of cancer that we are all familiar with in the world today. Every 10 in 30 women have this kind of cancer at one point in their lives.

Cancer of the kidney: This is another type of cancer, and as we all know it affects the kidney.
When this cancerous tissue in the blood mixes with urine it begins to affect the bladder, the human pelvic area is swollen for no reason, and it makes urinating very uncomfortable.

Some women start to have abnormal bleeding all because of that cancerous tissue. This is also another kind of cancer that is very common today,and a lot of people are familiar with it.

Cancer of the kidney is also referred to as renal cancer, which makes the kidney grow out of control and proportion.

Leukemia cancer: This is a kind of cancer that is infectious to the blood cells, and it is often regarded to as the blood cancer, leukemia is in different stages, and are grouped according to how quickly the disease in the body speeds up, there is acute leukemia or chronic leukemia.

This type can also be groupedaccording to the type of blood cells that are affected, which is either lymphocytes or myelocytes.

This type of cancer when at the chronic stage is almost impossible to go back to normal; such a person has to undergo series of treatments and surgeries which could prove futile at the end of the day.

It is one of the most feared types of cancer in the world today. As it is in the blood, thereby not visible to people initially, but as it gets worse, it becomes noticeable to everyone.
Ovarian cancer: This is defined as a cancerous disease that affects the ovary. It makes the ovary grow abnormally and usually occurs at the epithelium (the outer lining) of the kidney.

This is seen as the 8th most common type of cancer in women, so we can see that it is a bit common especially in older women. Also,it is one type of cancer that has been ranked 5th in the death of most women in the world today; it has succeeded in causing so many deaths in women over the years.

In many developed countries, the survival rate of this type of cancer is over 45%. It means there is almost no hope for people with this kind of cancer. Its symptoms are very easy to detect, and it ranges in diverse ways.

They include; back pain, pain in the lower stomach, frequent urination, and pains during sexual intercourse. It would also lead to weight loss and loss of appetite. Age is a factor responsible for ovarian cancer; it attacks women mostly from 65 years of age.

Finally, women who have had breast cancer in the past; can have this kind of cancer called ovarian cancer.

There are other types of cancer which include; skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer in men, lymphoma cancer, anal cancer, bone cancer which helps in softening the bones in the body and causes serious joint pains, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer which aids in indigestion, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, and vaginal cancer.

There are whole other types of cancer which one can research on; these are the common types of cancer that affects both genders today.

Now we are left with the one thing that is the cause of people dying from one type of cancer or the other, which is, ignorance of the signs and symptoms of cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

This list contains all the physical symptoms of cancer in a person. When a person begins to demonstrate these kinds of symptoms, it is best to seek the attention of a doctor immediately, to conduct a test quickly and know what the actual problem is.

These symptoms are straightforwardto notice even in young children, and they include:

Shortness of breath or breathlessness in worst cases

Unusual vaginal bleeding which could last a long time

Going to the toilet to defecate more often

Urinating blood most of the time

Unending or persistent bloating

Unhealed sores on the body that still bleed out from time to time

Difficulty in swallowing food or water

Discharge from the nipple which is very abnormal especially when you are not breastfeeding

Hoarse voice

Skin time change

Weight loss

Fever (usually very high)

A cough which is persistent even after treatment

Pains in the bone and joints

Depression which every cancer patient has been known to exhibit

We have looked into all there is to know about what cancer is, we have examined some types of cancer and have seen the disastrous effects they have on the body. We have also brought to the notice of the various public symptoms of cancer that one exhibits even at the early stage of the disease.

It is then advised to study these signs and watch out for them, especially for families that have a history of cancer in their generations.

When someone in the family starts to show some of these symptoms, because it cannot happen all at once, it starts from the smallest and unnoticeable symptoms to the obviousones.

Some of the medication, when these signs show up is not advised; it really would not cost anything to see a doctor especially for the sake of the life of the person in question.

For older people who have not shown any signs of this disease case, a regular check-upat the hospital is advised.

Remember your health the highest wealth you can have, and such wealth can best be enjoyed in good health.

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