9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

As time goes on in the life of an individual, things begin to change, physical features, psychological features, physiological features, and other human make-up. This article, 9 evidence based health tips to enhance living for the aged is important so as to enjoy the old age maximally.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

There are different ways by which an individual can maintain his or health by doing the needful, which is taking good care of his or her body very well.

The aged ranges from 60 and above, and is a very delicate time in the life of every individual, similarly to that of a pregnant woman.

If you value your health in any way, it would not be difficult to follow the simple rules of living a healthy aged life written in this article.

Many at times we tend to believe that when we get to a certain age, there is no need to take care of our bodies, as nature would take its course. But can I say that though nature’s course is inevitable, one can live a very healthy life, even as an aged person.

This article is one of a kind, as it is going to give a detailed explanation on why it is beneficial to live a healthy aged life, and how to go about it.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

A time comes in our life, as we age when nothing seems possible to keep us fit and healthy. In fact, many young children of nowadays, await the day they would push their Grandfather or Grandmother around in a wheelchair, but can I say to you, that, you could be upstanding on your fit, for the rest of your life, without having anyone to push you around, if you really want to.

The uniqueness of this article, which is; not stating abstract things, or speculating that one or two things are beneficial to the health of aged people, instead it is a way of enlightening, to help reduce ignorance in the most of the world.

When you take good care of yourself as a young person, it would not be so hard to have a healthy life in the later part of your life.

Most times, when people start ageing, their families tend to throw them into a home, because they feel such people would slow them down in doing things for themselves, and this is very common, but aged people are human beings too, they have feelings, and are not to be cartedoff because they are advanced in age.

Another breathtaking uniqueness of this article is thatit does not fail to state how hard it is to attain a healthy life when bones are feeble, and the muscles are almost worn out, but it gives insight as to how beneficial it is, no matter the circumstances involved.

This leads us to how one can stay healthy in such a delicate stage of life.

Unrelenting exercising of the body

This is the first tip out of the 9 evidence based health tips to enhance living for the aged and it is very important.

You would notice the word unrelenting from the above; it means that no matter the situation, to live a healthy aged life, one must not lack exercise.

There are a lot of things that exercising does to the body which involves strengthening the bones, reshaping the muscles, especially when they begin to look worn out, it also helps in the respiratory system of the body, it helps the heart to fiction better and effectively.

It provides for free flow of blood to part of the body without obstruction; it helps to widen the vein to pass nutrients derived from meals to various parts of the body.

Above all, exercising makes one feel very young, because in the course of it, you sweat out, thereby expelling unwanted materials from the body, also it helps to burn down unnecessary fat in the body.

When you exercise your body, it exempts you from fatigue, and obesity, in that you feel very light handed most of the time.

Also, for people who eat quite some meals per day, exercising would make those meals useful for your body, rather than being harmful and it enhances striking a balance between energy intake and expenditure.

You do not need to start asking yourself how you can always exercise, since the gym is miles away from your home, the creation of technology has made everything so easy for human beings, and we can almost cook with our phones.

You could go online, download a few exercise instructions and make sure to follow them critically. You can as well wake up in the morning, and have a long jog aroundthe area.

Engaging in these activities is very good for the body as it would help to reduce the rampant age-related sicknesses that present itself as high blood pressure.

High blood pressure isa common ailment amongst aged people, and if exercising can help to reduce it, or prevent it in any case, why don’t we exercise? Why don’t we keep fit, for the sake of ourselves?

Drinking lots of clean water

Water is an essential quality in the life of an individual. 90% of the body is controlledby water, water helps in the blood, it helps in the kidney, it helps in the lungs, it helps in the intestine, it helps in the bladder, and it even helps in the womb, as a woman first releases water before she goes into labour.

Water is vital in the body, and it helps to regulate body temperature. No wonder, when the temperature of the body is hot on the outer part, it is advised to mop the body with cold water.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

This is how it is inside the body; water helps to regulate the body and dispose of harmful materials out of the body in the form of urine, sweat or fluid.

We cannot over exert the use of water, no man can live without water, it is also known for its notable role in the quick digestion of food in the body, and water makes it easy for faeces to leave the body through the anus.

Indulge in seafood

Seafood such as fish and crab is very nutritious to the body. A healthy pattern of life emanates from eating fish which supplies the body with animal protein and helps in replacing worn out tissues in the body.

It also helps to make the organs in the body work effectively. Also, intake of fish, at least twice a week helps to build the body against infection and early aged sicknesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, bladder pain, etc.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

Many times in aged people, they begin to lose their physical features like loss of hair, breakage of the skin pores, worn out skin tissues which become very soft and easily penetrated, loos of strength and will.

These healthy tips can help to improve such situations in aged people.

Eat healthy fruits

There are various kinds of fruits that are beneficial to the health and would help the body looking as young for a very long time.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

Sometimes during childbirth, or during working hours, an individual might have been exposed to infectious materials which could affect the body build of the body effectively.

This is why it is essential to eat fruits like Banana, Papaya, Orange, Watermelon, Berries, Grapes, Avocados, Kiwi, Datesand so on.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

These fruits not only help to build the body up to fight against unwanted elements, but it also helps in reshaping the body and adding fine texture to it. Papaya is a natural tone blend fruit if taken in the right proportion; it would help to give the skin an excellentand bright colour.

The benefits of fruit too and in the body cannot be exhausted, as it is the best thing that ever happened to the man.

An individual might decide to eat less, and take a lot of water and fruits; such a person has a longer lifespan, and cannot be weighed down by any illness, no matter how strong.

The main thing fruits help to do in the body is that it helps in filtering harmful substances that should be wasted in the first place, from the body.

When there is a sore on any part of the body, the cells are functioning well, as a result of good intake of fruits, which would help quickly to stop the flow of blood thereby clothing it.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

Fruits are essential for growth, and they are necessary for a better healthy living for aged people, irrespective of their age.

This is why we see healthy looking grandmother’s who still look gorgeous and like they are young and healthy looking grandfather’s who always look almost young and handsome despite their age.

Eat varieties of vegetables

It is common saying that as you age,you become a vegetarian. Vegetables, no matter the type, ranging from green to yellow, aids in the metabolism of the body.

Vegetables help to purge out bad things from the body. Thiswould help to make the body feel less cumbersomeand reduce the chances of having fatigue or obesity.
9 Evidence Based Health Tips to enhance living for the aged

Lack of vegetables is lack of health and balance. Vegetables are very good especially for aged people, to help them keep fit and energised and so on.

Another fantastic reason why vegetables are very good for the body is that it helps to increase the amount of blood in the body thereby preventing low blood in the body.

It is an essential and vital aspect of every human’s life. All we need to do is follow unconditionally the instructions laid down in front of us.

Reduce the intake of sugar

Most people are very stubborn when it comes to this. As a young person, sugar is delicious to enhance growth, to help the body in various ways, but as we advance in age, it is advised to reduce or even stop the excess intake of sugar.

Excess sugar is very harmful to the body and can be disastrous for the health. Also, it causes diabetes which usually results in conditions that lead to death.

Excess sugar constitutes pile in the body, which will make people stool for long hours in a day. Excess sugar also affects the bones in the back of the body.

The bones in the back of the body are very vital to the structure of the body; it helps in standing straight and not having a bad posture. Also, sugar aids obesity in the body. It contains little fats as compounds which supportthe accumulation of obesity.

Though it is not the actual reason for obesity, it is part of the components of obesity.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol is hazardous for the body, especially the liver. Excess intake of alcohol can result in the dysfunction of the liver which could cause death in severe cases.  

Alcohol generally, because of how it intoxicate people, it is terrible for the body, and when too much alcohol is mixed in the blood, it tightens the veins in the body and reduces the passage of blood to the heart and other parts of the body.

It can also contribute to heart issues. Heart issues include high blood pressure and cardiac arrest in most situations. It would also aid in fainting from time to time because of the weakness of the heart.

Eat less food that has too many calories

Calories in a meal can be counted, but there are also empty calories. Calories are essential in the body, but should not be taken in large quantities, as they give energy to the body.

When you have energy, or you eat energy giving food, you can carry out your day to day activities effectively. It is better to choose meals that have a lot of nutrients embedded in it than to eat meals with too many calories.

Some meals can give you better results compared to others. No one has said that calories are bad for the body; it is just advisable to eat less of it, or instead go for meals that have a lot of nutrients and fewer calories.

As you age, the taste buds gradually become different. Some meals taste less nourishing, and some taste better.

In this case, for aged people, it is advised to use spicy ingredients mostly in herb form to cook meals, to enhance the sense of taste and not make it dull.

Though medicines and herbs contribute to changing how meals taste in the mouth, they help to keep the taste sense alive and alert, toknow when something in sour or sweet in the mouth.

Also, herbs contribute to making you less hungry at times, but if the situation gets out of hand, or you find yourself starving for no reason, it is advisable to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Also, another feature that changes in the body which can be controlled is the teeth. The teeth, become weaker, and most times they are unable to chew hard food, which results in tooth loss, it is advised in this situation to chew less hard food like hard meat.

Situations like this might result in soft gum, and injuries in the gum, which would make the mouth sour and unable to eat at times. So it is advised to eat very soft meals and make sure to use hot water from time to time to rinse the mouth thoroughly, toremove hidden food in the gum, and it is also advised to see a dentist when the tooth starts to come off.

Why is it necessary to take care ofyour body as you become old?

This is a fundamental questionand is lurking in the mind of every individual at one particular time of their lives. It is imperative because full knowledge is to be gained as to why these things are essential to living a healthy life even in an advanced stage of life.

This would help people to follow instructions effectively without any complaints.
We need to have a healthy living so as to prevent untimely death, also we need to live healthy to reduce the rate of sicknesses in the country; if every man or woman, takes their health as a priority, the world would be a better place, as there would be a reduced amount of sicknesses in the world.

This is very good for the economy as well, because people would not have to spend their life earnings on taking care of their bodies or spending money on hospital bills. Also, another reason for living a healthy life is to reduce infection in the body.

Many men and women do not see it as a necessity to keep their bodies clean, thereby affecting various organs in their body.

Organs like kidney, heart, liver, bladder, and intestine, are very delicate; if the wrong meal or wrong drug is taken at a particular time, it would be very harmful to them and might cause in a shutdown of such organs which might result in death depending on how severe the situation is.

This article would be beneficialto aged people in and out of the country, to inform and educate and not to confuse, but to give detailed explanations as to why it is rather vital to livinga healthy life in whatever situation anyone finds themselves.

It is going to be very helpful, as it would benefit a lot of people, and reduce the mortality rate in the country, and aid in economic growth and development.

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