What is Meningitis

Health practitioners define Meningitis as an enlargement of the protective spinal cord and brain membranes referred to as the meninges.
This swelling up of the spinal cord and the brain membrane result when the fluid covering the brain and spinal membrane are infected.
Viruses or bacteria cause this disease, Meningitis, and it is becoming prominent in some Northern parts of Nigeria i.e Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, and Katsina state.
Note that Meningitis is noticeable in a very short time, and reflect on the body of the carrier gradually or quickly.
What is pathetic about the disease is that it has the potential to kill within 24 hours, this points to the facts that one has to be very observant.
However, the symptoms are easily known, while the disease can be identified based on the following:

Main Symptoms
1. Persistent Fever and Headache.
2. Strong abhorrence for light, and a great love for dark environment.
3. Stiffness of the neck to the extent that one feels increasing pains around the chest to the chin.

Other Symptoms
Irritability, skin rashes, disorientation and convulsion, loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea, and lethargy etc.
Fact: The possibility of contacting meningitis increases when one has contact with an already infected person.
World health organization advises that anybody diagnosed of this infection should be evacuated from the environment and isolated until medication is completed, to avoid transmission.
It is advisable that we keep away from people with medical history of the disease especially those from some areas where the disease is predominant.
Who is prone to contacting Meningitis?
1. Meningitis is quick in affecting those whose immune system are weak e.g people with autoimmune problems, HIV/AIDS patients etc.
2. Those who sleep in overcrowded places i.e. hostels, viewing centers, market etc.
3. Pregnant women.
4. Aged individuals and children less than five years.

Mode of Transmission
1. This deadly disease is transmitted mostly through close contact with those affected especially during kissing, sneezing or coughing.
2. Contact with bodily fluids such as saliva or phlegm.
3. Improper personal hygiene.

Vaccination is the most reliable preventive method employed in combating meningitis, such vaccination includes the use of Meningococcal Vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, and Haemophilus Influenzae vaccine for type B (Hib).
Nonetheless, this vaccine is not readily available, in this wise, some preventive measures are indicated below:
1. Shun unnecessary contact with individuals suspected to be having the said disease.
2. Do not share your personal belongings with those people suspected to be having Meningitis.
3. Take the vaccine from the nearest hospital in your locality. This is the best method of preventing the spread of meningitis.
4. Do not smoke
5. Always take necessary rest, both in the night and during the day.
6. Report to the nearest hospital if you have contact with individuals suspected to have been infected with this disease.

Drugs That Can be taken:
1. Take Rifampicin 600mg (2 times daily for 2 days). This tablet is known for curing tuberculosis. However, it is widely used in combating Meningitis.
2. Ciprofloxacin 500mg (A dose per day)
3. CEFTRIAXONE can be administered intramuscularly (adults take 250mg while kids takes 125mg).
Note: if you notice any trace of the above detailed symptoms, visit the nearest hospital for complain immediately, and do not allow people to touch you. This will curtail the spread.

What is Meningitis

Meningitis, once noticed, should be reported to the nearest hospital for medical attention. Anybody suspected to be having the disease should be isolated and given necessary medical treatment without wasting time.

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  1. How can health professionals eradicate meningitis and prevent its reoccurrence now that all this causative organisms are becoming drug resistant?

  2. Health education, in summary, its education that keeps one informed, involved and in alertness of an individual to take appropriate decisions and actions on issues pertaining to their health.
    To eradicate meningitis in the nation/world and prevent its reoccurrence in this era where the causative organism seem to be drug resistant, the following measures are hereby recommended:

    1. Sensitization programs concerning the empirical reality of the deadly disease; its causes, mode of transmission and other tips in that regard should be made public and adequate.

    2. Government at all tiers should work with other NGOs to draw a follow-up scheme to increase people's awareness about the disease.

    3. A binding policy should be enacted mandatory medical check up at least once in 2 months.This will help early detection of disease conditions and also keep our health centers,Clinics and hospitals functional.

    4. With respect to the point earlier stated, the government should subsidize the cost of patronizing to enjoying the benefits of health care schemes, such that the people of low class level has a privilege to afford and have undeniable access to vaccines rather than falling back upon self medications.

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