Four Evidence-Based Tips to Stay Healthy

In today’s world of diseases; epidemic, low lifespan, accidents, and other unfortunate avoidable incidents, the importance of staying healthy cannot be overemphasized.

Being healthy is a reality which everyone must live in, and that is why you must take into consideration more than ever before this six evidence-based tips to stay healthy.

An optimum state of health is best and possible for everyone. Having a sound mind functional in a healthy body is needed to produce healthy citizens who are an asset for any nations in the term.
A healthycitizen makes up a healthy nation. A state of health is attainable.

Eat Foods With The Right Diets

Eat healthily; when it comes to being healthy, food is a top priority.  As the popular sayings go; “You are what you eat.“

The kind of food you consume has a lot of how your health output. The immunity of the body which is the body’s defense to fight off infections and stay in functional health is dependent on nutrient derived from food consumed.

Nutrients are the chemical substances in food which supplies the body with calories and energy, facilitates growth and proper functioning of the body.

The six major classes of nutrients include; protein, carbohydrate, fat & oil, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Therefore, when we talk of food, we are not talking of junks or shortcut snacks which are inadequate to satisfy the body’s nutritional measure for health.

Food for health is that which is sufficient enough to be an adequate diet. This means that it supplies the entire essential nutrient needed for body functioning, body maintenance, cell repair, and growth.
When it comes to food and health, two sins are often committed;


Whether it is for weight control, economic factor or tight work schedule, one should not starve oneself.

Under-eating is not good for health. we should be more concerned with our health than anything.
Food supplies calories which brain use as fuel for its daily work. Without enough calories, there is little one can do maximally with the brain.

There will be a lack of concentration and sluggishness. It is often thought that skipping breakfast leads to weight loss, however, this is not true.

Scientific evidence has revealed that skipping breakfast contributes to weight gain and makes it hard to concentrate on daily activities.

Skipping breakfast is therefore not good for your physical, mental and social health.

What if I need to fast?

It is understandable if one needs to fast, however, this must be under professional advice and supervision if the fast will be in the long term.

Over-eating is another major issue that one should watch against. It is effortless to indulge in this act when one’s favourite meal or a delicious meal is available.

Also, stress, lack of self-control, over-indulgence in junk food, are factors responsible for over-eating.

Whatever the factor, over-eating is a detriment to one’s health. Majorly, nutritional health problem associated with over-eating is overweight and obesity.

Overweight and obesity is acclaimed to be the mother of all diseases. Diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cancer, and others have been linked to overweight. 

Why should one make food which nature provides to make man alive and active leads to man’s own problem due to lack of self-control?

When it comes to food for health, it is best to go natural. Man is forsaking the natural food available for industrially processed and expensive food.

Food which is cheap and more nutritious is now being forsaken. Enough of junks, snacks and fast-food.

They might be needed once in a while, but they should not become a daily diet. Natural food, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables are a good and natural source of protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins, and energy.  

Vitamin and minerals are a necessity for life and growth. Minerals are needed for building body tissues and in the regulation of body metabolism.

To get the best out of your food, it should be nourishing, free from dirt and toxic substances, wholesome and be prepared consumed in a sterile condition.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks: Drink water instead of carbonated drinks. Sugary carbonated drinks may be sweet to your tongue, but they will fatten you up, and then have an adverse effect on your overall health and well-being.

Four Evidence-Based Tips to Stay Healthy

Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol: Alcoholism is an enemy of health, it is as well associated with obesity, pot-belly, cancer of the liver, cirrhosis of the liver.

Four Evidence-Based Tips to Stay Healthy

Drink water well

Though often not regarded as a nutrient, it is essential to the human body. Do you know that the earth is 70% water?

Are you aware that your body is 70% water? Water is best for health than carbonated drinks.
Water is necessary for the transportation system of the body to ensure that nutrients are distributed evenly throughout the body.
Unlike other classes of nutrient which can be stored, the body cannot store water. It is, therefore, necessary that there should be a fresh supply every day to stay healthy.

Consumption of good food and nutrient is linked to work efficiency and achievement of one’s goal, potential, and longevity of life.

You should also note that the amount of nutrient needed for the body’s proper function is dependent on:
Body size
Level of physical activity
The physiologicalstate of the body
Body size and
Health condition.

The food and nutritional demand of an athlete will differ from that of a banker.
What a pregnant woman will consume because of her physiological state will be different from what a teenage schoolgirl will consume.
Take noteand answer the following question by yourself
What kind of food do I eat?
Is it the best food combination?
 Is it adequate to provide all the calories and nutrient needed for my age?
Are there side-effects to what I currently consume?
Am I spending too much on processed food?

One food type cannot supply the entire nutrient needed. That is why a food type is usually majorly attached to a nutrient class. It takes the right food selection and combination to get an adequate diet.

The combination of a variety of food to give an adequate diet is very important. An appropriate diet is the key to good health and also building immunity to fight infections.

Diseases and illness are less severe and of shorter duration among well-nourished individuals.

Good food and nutrition are therefore necessary for physical, mental and social health throughout one’s lifetime.

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