Zika Virus

This article is aimed at enlightening individuals on the danger of Zika virus. This virus has been the product of so many deaths in children and in older ones as a result of negligence.
This is a topic that many people do not know about, but loved ones around them are experiencing it every day. 

Zika Virus Health Tips

Its symptoms are very normal like that of the flu, and most times it is mistaken for just normal malaria, but this article is all about helping individuals to discern between a flu patient and a Zika, virus patient.
Also, this article aims at providing detailed and comprehensive information on the ways by which the Zika virus affects the body; it’s symptoms, it’s effect, what it can do to the body, how it can be controlled in other words the medications prescribed for it. 
This is not a medium to see Zika virus patients as badfor the society, but to create awareness on how to help people to reduce the effect of this virus all around the world. 
This virus has been known to be rampant in African countries,and this is a result of mortality in the country tries across Africa. 
This will help to instill the sense of responsibility to individuals whose family members and loved ones happen to have the symptoms of Zika virus.
Many at times, people do not take notice of the slightest of ailments. This virus called ‘Zika’ is very deadly and is carried by an infected insect, the same kind that carries yellow fever and dengue virus. 
Aedes mosquitoes that roam around in the day time are responsible for the spread of this virus. 
An isolation of the virus was done in Zika Forestin Uganda in 1947, as it was contained to an extent, to avoid widespread of it.
When the Aedes mosquito which is the carrier of the virus, which bites only during the day and at night, bites down on the skin of an individual, it sucks an amount of bloodand releases the virus into the bloodstreamof the person
It takes mostly 3-5 days for the virus to start manifesting in the body after it must have succeeded in damaging some vital cells in the body.
This virus is hazardous because if a pregnant woman happens to have this virus, it can be passed to her unborn child, also during sexual intercourse, if any of the spouses had just been bitten by the mosquito, it could be transferred to the other partner through sexual intercourse. 
This virus is usually said to have the same mode of transmission as that of HIV. 
Nevertheless, this virus can be contained, but if it is  not taken care of very fast, especially for women carrying a pregnancy, it can be hazardous to them and to the health of the fetus.
That being said, Zika virus has been a major source of the problem in the country today, as it has a widespread.

The mosquitoes are everywhere, and since they only come out very early in the morning and very late at night, there are ways to prevent them from coming into the house to feed on us. 
They might not necessarily feast on the flesh, though that could be the primary source of transmitting the virus, they could also feast on open food items which when eaten without being properly washed can cause such virus infection in the body. 
Zika virus us responsible for killing a lot of people and children in the world. In the United States of America, 3 out of 8 children suffer from this virus, and a large percentage of them are unable to survive it. 
This is not due to lack of vaccines to control it, but most people do not take prompt notice of the signs and the symptoms ofthis virus. Most people even want to treat it with locally made drugs. 
Zika virus can be very tricky, and can sometimes look or feel like a typical malaria symptom because it is a kind of mosquito that is responsible for spreading this virus.
 Also, flu symptoms can also look like Zika virus symptoms depending on how severe the situation is, but when the signs become visible,it is advisable to take such an individual to the nearest hospital for treatment immediately. 
Zika Virus Health Tips

Symptoms of Zika Virus
There are various symptoms of Zika virus, but this will help persons in the most efficient manner determine if it is truly Zika virus they are suffering from.
 One of these signs or symptoms includes ‘fever.’ This is one of the media to establish if Zika virus exists in the body of an individual.
But other sicknesses can have a fever as a symptom, so one needs to be very careful. 
Usually, the person’s temperature might drop and come up; this means that it is fluctuating; also, the person might start experiencing chills in the body, especially the chest area, even when it is bright and sunny outside.
When this happens, it is essential first to try to calm the fever down by dabbing the body with the wet cloth, also in order to control the temperature, one can purchase drugs over the counter, and in some cases, aspirins could be administered to the patient.
If by any chance, you see signs of sweat come on the person’s body, it is clear that the fever is broken, but soon enough it might return especially at odd hours.
It might come in a severe manner if it is not treated by the hospital in a couple of hours.
In some cases, calling a physician to attend to the patient is okay if the patient has been taking drugs before for another kind of ailment, so as to avoid contradictions or drug mixing which could facilitate or speed up the process of the Zika virus in the body. 
It is known that the reason why Zika virus is severeand has to be taken with a lot of seriousness is that it has to do without the blood. 
In other words, the mosquito bites it deposits the virus into the blood after it has successfully sucked enough blood from the individual.
So within hours, the virus is stored aroundthe body through the blood, as it passes through everywhere in the body.
Another symptom of Zika virus is severe headaches. Many people suffer from various kinds of headaches.
Some only occur in a part of the brain; another may happen in forehead areas, others have headaches that affect their eyes, this is called a retro-ocularheadache.
Most of the time, Zika virus patients experience throbbing in the head, and other times they experience very severe headaches,and it takes a while to calm them down. 
Often, this makes them restless and tensed, as they almost feel like separating their heads from their bodies so as to reduce the pain.
Usually, the pain is reduced after taking medications for the fever, but usually, when the fever is broken, in some patients, the headache is persistent and unrelenting.
 It is advised not to take more medications so that it does not lead to drug abuse. The attention of a chemist or a physician is needed as soon as possible for advice on how to calm a headache down. 
This is essential information, notice and awareness to the readers of this write-up, it’s not every time that you feel feverish, or have severe headaches that you have the flu, it could be the cause of the Zika virus, and it should be given utmost attention.
Another symptom of Zika virus could be Arthralgia which is termed pains in the joint as a result of injuries, illness, and infections. 
Usually, Zika virus patients complain of these pains particularly in the hands and feet, and it is severe in most cases and lasts longer than the fever. 
This is the height for most individuals because as at this point the patient is in so much pain and needs to see a doctor right away. 
Taking pain relief might help in some situations, but it is mostly advised to go seek the help of the hospital as soon as possible, as it is well known that Zika virus and arthralgia do not work well with each other.
Also, people with weaker body build and constituents experience greater pain and most of the time, if not taken care of, die on the spot.
Muscle pain or scientifically called myalgia is another reason to think that an individual is suffering from Zika virus. This is the most common complaint of Zika virus patients all around the world. 
Though the pain varies from mild to large, asthe virus becomes greater in the blood, and damages as many cells as possible, the muscle pain increase.
It continues tillone can no longer move parts of the body efficiently.
Usually, some medications can help to relieve this pain, but patients are advised to take only the medications prescribed by a doctor or by a physician. 
Another sign of Zika virus comes in the form of skin rash. This kind of rash comes as very small, and soon enough it becomes bigger in size.
It might start itching for a while, then it begins to tingle, and soon it becomes painful.
It starts at the back and soon spreads to the hands and face. When drugs are given to the patient, the rash fades away, but in most cases, the marks from the rashare still there and do not leave quickly
Later on, a physician can be called on to give advice as to how to reduce the appearance of the marks on the body so as to bring out the skin back to the way it was before.
Another symptom of Zika virus is conjunctivitis which is also known as Apollo or pink eye.
 It spreads to the white part of the eye and makes it look pink for a while, and after a while,it turns bright red, and then deep red like clotted blood in the eye.
The inner eyelid may start experiencing itching and discomfort and start reading tears for no reason.
In this situation, those with Zika virus who have conjunctivitis should try as much as possible to stay away from people because it could be highly contagious to someone else.
Usually, eye drops are the best for such situation, dropping the liquid into the eye three to four times a day, would help a great deal to relieve the discomfort in the eyes.
But usually, when drugs and medications are administered to repel the virus front the blood, such troublessubside with time. Desperate medications are only advised to speed up the process of healing.
Another  discomfort experienced by a person who has Zika virus is a physical weakness.
Physical discomfort can also come in the form ofbody pain and tiredness, most of the time, individualswho have Zika virus experience this pain and discomfort, and become restless for no reason. 
Usually, when someone with Zika virus wants to complain to his or her doctor in the hospital, they mostly complain of tiredness, fatigue body pain and all. 
They experience so much pain using parts of their bodies starting from their hands to their limbs; this is usually the complaint of people who suffer from Zika virus.
These symptoms are significant to note as they are very delicate and come at various times.  
No one can really ascertain as to when these symptoms come, but if one or two is noticed and they become severe, it is very advisable to seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible.
This has been very helpful to as extent, as it has been able to enlighten and broaden the knowledge of its readers as to how important it is to know when the Zika virus symptoms show up so as to contain it with medications and drugs as soon as possible to prevent health issues and complications and even death in most cases. 
This brings us to how to effectively treat Zika virus and contain it as soon as it is detected.
How To Prevent Zika Virus
To effectively prevent Zika virus a lot of things are to be used, but the most common things to do involves making use of mosquito nets in the bedrooms.
It might sound stupid to some people, but it is very reliable information to make use of mosquito nets to reduce or rather eliminate bites from mosquitoes as it has been proved that it can be hazardousto the health. 
In other words, Zika virus is bad news to people.
Another way to prevent Zika virus is by making the environment clean and durable in order for mosquitoes and pests, in general,to keep away.
When the environment is clean, pests would not be attracted, in particular for people who have gardens around their houses; pests would keep away from their surroundings if they take good care of it by removing weeds, using pesticides and all other treatments for their surroundings.
Also, it is advisable to empty waste bins all around the house; this is also a medium to reduce the rate at which pests and insects flock into the house, and infect people with various ailments, one of which has been talked about above.
There are also different ways by why we can prevent Zika virus, and the most important way is maintaining good hygiene. 
When you are clean, and you eat clean food and have a clean surrounding, it would be tough for insects to come near you. 
Pests do not stay in the clean and conducive environment; rather they dwell in contaminated and infected areas or locations.
It is how dirty an individual is that attracts the pests, but there is no attraction where there is adequate and durable hygiene in place. 
We cannot overemphasize, or exhaust the zillion ways by which Zika virus or any other virus can be prevented, human analogy, and thinking is there to tell us that the little things we take for granted, are auspicious to our health, whether positively or negatively.
The BasicTreatment For Zika Virus
There are numerous ways to treat Zika virus,but it can only be treated through the symptoms. 
When the symptoms this disease are noticed, it is effortlessto fight against the virus in the blood. 
One basic way to treat Zika virus symptoms is by getting enough rest. When you take drugs to relieve the pain for your back or muscles, it is advisable to rest enough. 
Some people when they feel relieved for a while, go back to doing tedious work which will prevent their bodies from catching up with the medication given to them. 
Enough rest is paramount and ideal, as this is the first step to removing or reducing the virus in the blood stream to the lowest term or wholly.
Another way by which Zika virus symptom can be treated is by drinking enough fluid to prevent dehydration. 
This fluid should most likely be water only, and non-alcoholic beverages in minimal amounts. 
When you take water, apart from feeling energized, it helps to make the flow of blood easy in the body and can help to push down damages caused by the virus in the body. 
It is said that 99% of all illness can be cured or reduced by water therapy, this is why, water is excellent for the body to contain the virus, or dismantle it forever.
Also, the drugs that have been administered by a physician or a doctor is to be taken very efficiently. 
It is better to use the drugs as prescribed, that use it with self-prescription or take medicine at the wrong time, and with the illegal substance like alcohol. 
This can be very deadly and costly, and is not safefor patients with Zika virus, except such a person does not want to attain betterhealth.
Also, it is imperative to avoid anything that has to do with inflammatory drugs, as they can be very harmful to the body.
Zika virus is very deadly to the body cells,and the blood in general, The summarizedways by why one can know that Zika virus is present in the body is when an individual has body aches, chills, headaches, muscle pain, conjunctivitis, experiencing blurry visuals, etc.
Also, the ways by which it can be prevented is simply by keeping a safe and durable hygiene. This would help to keep you clean and keep your environment as a whole clean and efficient.
And lastly, the summarized ways by which Zika virus is treated through its symptoms is by having enough rest, taking drugs at the appointed time, taking in enough fluid to prevent throat drying up, etc.

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