Your Health is not Static, See Reasons to Embrace Good Health Habits

Good health is what everyone desires to have and truly it’s what we all need to function in all spheres of our life. However, no matter how best we desire it, it must be worked for.

There is an adage that says “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”, this adage is a perfect example of what i am trying to say here. It means being desirous alone won’t bring us good health, we all have a part to play to enjoy good health and to it’s fullest.

Health over time has attracted several definitions from different authorities most of which is based on how it pertains to the source.

The World Health Organization in  1948 gave the most acceptable definition of health as the complete state of physical, social, mental, emotional wellbeing of an individual and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmities.

It implies that none physical manifestation of disease in an individual is not tantamount to being healthy. One could appear physically fit yet unhealthy.

As we advance in this article, we must note that good health is important and one cannot overemphasis it’s significance.

Health as it stands at the center of all things one does. Without good health, everything is hampered. Productivity is slowed, that is if it is not a total stoppage. That’s to tell you how important it is to put your health in good shape.

Health they say is wealth, that’s true. Without good health, wealth will be spent on disease conditions. If that is the case, why not take good care of your health?

Here we go, there are certain things to do to put cater for your health so as to enjoy optimum health. These include:

Acknowledge the Fact that Your Health is of the highest priority

With this in mind, it helps to key into the health rules. You won’t want to do anything that can jeopardize what you’ve placed on the highest priority, no!

Prevention they say is better than cure. I will also add that it’s also cheaper than cure, it doesn’t come with scars.  No wonder the world is moving from curative medicine to preventive health care.

Is there really any need to subject yourself to any form of pain when you can easily prevent such? With this mindset, you will take actions that are appropriate for your health.

Consume nutritious meal

Nutrition goes beyond just eating. It is taking food in the right proportion as it’s needed by the body.

Adequate nutrition helps to build the immune system which in turn helps to fight any outlier or intruder in the body. The kind of diet you are exposed to can also help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall wellness.

With a good diet, your body grows as it ought to be and you appear fine. You are what you eat they say, it’s cool when you don’t feed on junk.


This is another crucial habit to imbibe to enjoy good health. Exercise is good for the body as it helps put the body in good shape. Some bodily contents that are not useful are burned out during exercise.

It is also a good way to put the heart into it’s the best function. During exercise, the heart pumps blood as it ought to, the muscles contract and relaxes well. Brain health is enhanced and lots more.

Exercise is natural medicine on its own, it helps repair a lot of wore out muscles. Exercise helps people relinquish weight and lessen the risk of some diseases.

Exercising regularly decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Exercise can help a person age well. This may not appear important now, but your body will thank you later.

Sleep well
Aside from good nutrition and exercise, another key factor in building good health is adequate sleep.  Good sleep foster good health. It helps to improve brain health and bring about a good mood. It aids one’s outcome.

All these are brought together, knowing fully that health is a continuum and as such must be well catered for, a good plan for healthy living may improve your quality of life. It might also decrease your risk of future illnesses.

Live well and stay healthy!

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