Your health is a continuum

Your health is not static, it is a continuum. Overtime the word health as attracted different definition from different people that is, people define health as it pertains to them.
Your health is a continuum

Health is simply regarded as the ability of an individual to live a life that is worthy of acceptance by self and others socially and economically in a given period of time and within the context of the individual’s environment and genetic make-up.

Health connote been free from diseases, it is a resources of personal capacity for living and it could mean wholeness of a person. Health can also be defined as the wholesomeness of emotion, complete fitness of the body that enables an individual to carry out his or her daily activities efficiently and effectively.  
However, world health organization (W.H.O) the apex Health Organization gave a globally acceptable definition of health defined has a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  
The health of an individual is very important and should be handled with all seriousness.
Human health is subjected to some changes depending on the individual’s lifestyle and that lead us to the topic, “your health is a continuum”.
Human health which is a continuum must be placed on leverage or balance. An individual may also see health continuum as a scale.
 In this case, there are terminals to check and evaluate how individual’s health goes.
Health is a continuum because its levels vary from person to person. On the health scale, when one weighs 70% and above such is said to be have optimal health. When you fall between 50% -69% it means well being, 20-29% minor illness, 10-19% is major illness, and critical illness ranges from anything below 10% to 0%. 
There are certain characteristic that an individual possess that make such an individual regarded as been healthy. Such characteristics include:
1.      Body wholesomeness with normal weight, height for a particular age bracket
2.      Good sight, and hearing that is not impaired with the ability to do so without any aid
3.      Emotional stability without deviation from what is known to be the normal behavior
4.      Freedom from pains, aches, and other discomfort
5.         The ability to carry the physical body with ease
6.      Ability to manage any stressful situation
7.      Been fertile heterosexually
8.      Ability to maintain moderation
9.      Ability to sleep well and enjoy it
10.  Ability to maintain a good relation with other people without grudges and so on.
Any deviation from this poses a serious to such an individual’s health. Your position on the health scale depends on your lifestyle and how to better improve such stage depends solely on you.
Health Dimensions
There are certain key factors to one’s health and it is called the health dimensions; listed below:
1. The Physical Dimension of health: – when you appear strong and normal, you say you are okay. This has to do with the body functions, all sense organs (the eyes, the nose, the ear, and so on) working perfectly as they should. This as well as to do with how an individual carries himself or herself.
2. The Spiritual: – though most neglected in human’s health but it is a dimension of health that must be valued. This has to do with some supernatural beliefs as it affects human being.
3. The Mental health or wellbeing: -this has to do with how you function well regardless of the stress that comes your way. Those with good mental capability are able to handle life matters well. They are able to ensure moderation
 4. The Emotional dimension of health: – This has to do with how you cope with daily challenges as it comes your way.  Emotion can be positive and negative. How you handle such as it comes your way tells more on how healthy you are.
Negative emotional conditions can also result to abuse of the body through smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overreacting attempts to substitute for other more basic human needs such as acknowledgement and respect, an stimulating and helpful environment, and a sense of purpose and meaning.   
5. The Social dimension of health: – Here deals with how an individual relate with others in his day to day works of life. Your quality of relationship with other humans at your work place, school, and other places. Where you come from in terms of background, income type, your culture, marital life, peer group, social services available to determine your social health.
Wellness and being healthy is a continuous process, never a static stage as earlier stated most people thought of been healthy in terms of disease, infections. They hold on to the fact that been healthy implies lack or nonappearance of ill health.
Wellness comes in different levels just as sickness has degrees too.
The continuum (wellness-sickness) exemplifies the association between sickness and wellness stage.
The movement from left side of the scale indicates a deteriorating health state; movement from centre of the paradigm to the right shows improved levels of health and wellbeing.
Many things such as drug and medication, psychotherapy, traditional herbals, surgery, acupuncture and so on; could be done to lessen diseases signs and symptoms.
The continuum scale is given to enable people to aspire towards having and enjoying optimal well being. To improve, increase one’s health and wellbeing.
We can deduce from W.H.O definition of health that absence of illnesses, pains or any physical appearance of disease does not mean total wellness, optimal health is what everyone work towards.
Health Determinant
Many factors determine humans’ health and wellness and the list can’t be exhausted. Health determinants are the factors that influence a person’s health. They are called host when they affect a person and considered environmental factor when it is outside a person.
 The factor listed below:
A. Biological Factor: This has to do with an individual’s genetic makeup. The health of an individual is a summary of his or her biological made. Heredity, genes, aging and natural growth pattern.
It is an established fact that some disease run in families such includes mental disorder, obesity, eye defects, diabetes and so on is linked with heredity.
B. Standard of living or lifestyle:  Another determinant of one’s health is the lifestyle.  The choice you make as regards what you consume, actions and conditions of living e.g. drug abuse and misuse, perspective about exercise either to take part or not, choice about sex and so on make up this category.
C.      Environmental factor: Majority of what affect human health is outside the body (external) but they are as permitted by individual.
There is limitation to what individuals can do about the external factors but efforts can be put together to minimize the effect of external factors on foods, water, spread of communicable diseases, noise pollution, air pollution, alcohol consumption and s on.
D.     Socio–Economic factor: Here dwells more on income level, literacy, type of job you engages in and all these determine one’s health status.
For example, literate people takes issues that pertain to them serious compare to the illiterates because they are bill to pay their bill.
E.   Gender: Gender is another factor. The biological constituents of men is different from that of women and as such, it determines their health status.
Wellness is not static and if you desire a high-level state of wellness must make giving good care to his body a priority. Good health and high level of well being is not a denial of the fact death is a natural part of human being.    

A good approach is one that looks on how to work on all the dimensions of health, any attempt to focus on one aspect will lead to ill health of the other aspects and remember that health is not about the physical aspect alone, other dimensions of must be well carter for. 
Summarily, ensure you take good care of your health following the 5 cardinal areas of Physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual for you to enjoy your wealth. Remember the adage, “Health is wealth” and it is only those who are healthy that enjoy their wealth.

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