When Exercise Becomes Poison

Staying healthy, fit and living long life cannot be totallyseparated from exercise, but when it goes contrary to what the body needs, that is when it is said to have become poison (when exercise becomes poison).

When Exercise Becomes Poison

Exercise is good, and it is nice to take partake in it. It involves doing activities that require one’s physical use of energy to improve or sustain fitness and health.

It has been recommended by many health experts, exercise physiologists, Sport analysts and other concerned people as a way of curbing the ailing health issues in this technologyadvanced era.
Obesity they say is the mother of all diseases,and so experts recommend regular exercise as one of the ways of tackling the killer health condition.
 Exercise has been part of human life even from the dark ages when there was no documentation of such activity at all. People in the olden times partake in exercise unconsciously. They were exercising as part of their regular daily routine.
 For example, horse racing has been known for decades in Africa. Also, hunters in the process of hunting animals run after their targeted animals and in the process perform some exercises.
 Moonlightplay among children, beating of drums, endurance skill, mountain climbing and so on as been part of human activities over time.
When civilization came, everything became more organized with rules governing each activity. Since there was no documentation of such activities at the initial stage, it is like starting all over.
With the advancement of technology, sporting and exercise have to a reasonable extent become more acceptable.
Many people now take part in exercise and recreational activities to boost their wellness.  
However, since there are drug resistance diseases,there is every tendency that exercise resistant diseases may come up too.
What do I mean; the effectiveness of certain exercises can be reduced. As a result, many things will be discussed in this article.
When the purpose of something is unknown, abuse of all types becomes inevitable. Exercise as good as it becomes poisonous to humans when it is carried out or done without a specific goal.
 Many people who perform one fitness activity or the other do so because they see other people doing it. In this case, nothing tangible is targeted, and as such, the activity may turn out to poison for them.
One of the things that make an exercise a unique one indeed is the planning, structure,and repetition that it entails but in a situation where exercise is not tailored towards achieving a specific goal it becomes poison.
Setting certain realistic goals before you embark on any exercise enables easy evaluation of the activity,and it assists in ascertaining if truly you are achieving the desired result.
It is a known fact that many people who embark on exercise with an extrinsic reasons/ goals tend to become frustrated along the line when compared with people whose goals for exercise is intrinsically motivated.
 But in a situation whereby individual stops doing an exercise half way can cause a lot of havoc to such person. These may include pain, emotional distress and loss interest in any physical activity.
 This doesn’t mean people should not have extrinsic reasons for taking part in exercise but in this case, a high determination is required.
To prevent the occurrence of goalless exercise plan, an exercise coach who is capable of planning a good exercise workout plan will be needed. A partner could be of great help. The superabundance of everything is detrimental to the performer. Even drinking water in excess as natural as it is, may lead to other problem let alone an activity that involves a greater intensity than what the body normally experience on a daily basis.
Exercise must be planned and structure in a way that will suit the client’s need. Some people involvein rigorous exercise in a spontaneous manner which in turn do more harm than the good they desire.
In this case, exercise has become poison to them. Any individual that engages in excess exercise is giving room for bacteria in the intestine to link the blood stream which in turn leads to blood poison.
When Exercise Becomes Poison

Imagine an individual that wants to shield weight and now subjected self to 4 hours work out planat a go will only end up having chronic fatigue.

Exercise enhances endurance spirit agreed but it must not be carried out within the person’s capability. This is to avert the problem that might want to arise as a result of excessivephysical exercise.
One of the things that motivate people doing exercise is fun. If people find a particular exercise fun-filled they, become so acquainted with it and be ready to continue such activity.This is determined by the environment in which the training takes place.
Any exercise that is done in a non-conducive environment is injurious to the performer’s health and as such becomes poison. Exercisespecialists should ensure activity takes place in a suitable and conducive environment.
Exercise supposes to be tailored according to the client’s need, but in a where it goes contrary to the client‘s need,it becomes poison.
Imagine if someone who intends to build six-pack is subjected to treadmill exercise, such person will become frustrated along the way because no reasonable result will be achieved.
It is not ideal to subject a woman who has not picked up running as an exercise before pregnancy to start running during the pregnancy stage. This will go against what her body has adapted with. And this may cause serious health problems for such pregnant woman.
There are certain exercises that pregnant women must not take part, if they should do, it becomes poisonous to them. Such activities include carrying heavy weight, pregnant woman lying on her stomach in the process of exercising, exercises that involves strengthening the abdomen, standing for a lengthy period of time and so on.
 These must be avoided.
Another set people that can easily be poisoned in the process of exercising are the aged people. It’s worth noting that these set of people still needs exercise to improve and enhance their health.
But as good as it is, it must be done moderately in such a way that it won’t turn out to inimical to their health. Avoid any exercise that can easily lead to fall. This is because the aged ones are prone and susceptible to osteoporosis and healing process in them may take a longer period of time.
So if you really want to preserve the health of your aged ones, because the type of exercise you subject them to. Also exercisebecomes poison when it is carried out without supervisor of an expert in that field.
 A fitness/exercise expert is trained to advicepeople in the type of exercise they should partake. He has a good mastery of the work and the technical know how. It is part of the expert’s duty to know the medical history of the client before subjecting such to any exercise. Ensure you consult fitness or exercise expert before you involve yourself in any. This will help guide your action in the process of doing exercise and with this, you will be able to get a desired result and as well achieve you goal of exercising.
Health advocacy has been made about striking a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. This is invariably talking about nutrition.  Exercise can become poison to an individual if the exercise that one take part in does not commensurate the food such person consume. So we advise that you have a healthy diet plan along your chosen exercise.
Summary:take part in exercise base on your need and ensure it is structured to suit the purpose. Be intrinsically motivated and ensure you see consult an expert before you commence any training.
Remain fit!

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