Vaginal laser therapy: should women indulge in this?

Have you ever had a friend, aunt mother, or teacher in school that was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal laser therapy: should women indulge in this?

Then, the question vaginal laser therapy: should women indulge in this? Should come to your mind.

If no, then you need to read this article, and if yes, though you are still implored to read this article. 

How do you think those females became infected with the disease? How do you think they reacted to it, they would have most likely had a problem with sharing it, for shame or for being shy.

In either case, these categories of women are either in their late 50’s or early 60’s, though they are advanced in age, they still look lovely, entertaining, informed and vibrant in physical contexts. 

They are most likely wealthy women or very independent women though in the middle-class sector. The central fact is that when this news hits them, it’s almost like hearing that they have vagina cancer, and so they need to stop having sex as soon as possible. 

This would make some women go mad, and others feel very pained especially if they have sexually active husbands who are still alive and well. 
These women may end up keeping quiet and thereby dying in silence, some may result in all sorts of treatment that could work for a while, but after a while, it becomes worse, they cannot even handle penetration. 
Some husbands who do most likely not understand might not be able to read the signs and notice that there is something wrong with their wives. 
Some go as far as interpreting the situation as their wives denying them sexual pleasure. That is the main reason why we see so many men nowadays opt for younger and vibrant girls who would satisfy them even when it is wrong. 
A case like this is one of the secondary causes of separation between spouses even at an old age. This article will not be a success if men do not take out time to read through it and gain excellent knowledge in place of ignorance. 

Vaginal laser therapy is not a curse or a bad omen as some people in the world perceive it in the world today. 
It is merely a way to or a process or an event or an experience to help women not to lose the core value or the feeling of sexual intercourse at an advanced age. 
This is the main reason for this article, to help give people better understanding of what “Vaginal Laser Therapy (VLT),” really is. Sit back and enjoy the ride to a problem free and vaginal problem free age.
Another different reason for putting this article up is to use it as a medium to help women realise what precisely vaginal laser therapy is, and what it is meant for. 
A better understanding of how this therapy works is essential and paramount. Many women at the “tender” of 60 might still be interested in having sexual intercourse with their partners, whether it is consistent or not. 
They want to feel young; they want to have a feeling of closeness to their spouses through sexual intercourse, is this in any way a bad thing? I presume the answer should be no. 
Many women in the past have been faced with one problem or the other, and when they are finally reported in the hospital due to all the tests carried out on them, some have a kind of infection that that would prevent them from engaging in sexual intercourse. 
For some women, this could be shattering. Nevertheless, there is always a solution to a problem; the only thing that needs to be done is; find out what the solution to your current problem is. 
Vaginal laser therapy was brought about to help various women in their adult age, supposedly after menopause who have been diagnosed with a problem called “Vaginal atrophy.” 
Anyone who has had the experience of this vaginal problem or issue knows how painful it can be. Someone women in the past have been known to go into a state of depression due to this unfavourable condition. 
This article is going to in every way with detailed explanation, bring to the limelight why vaginal laser therapy is perfect and needed for women who are facing one problem or the other just after menopause. 
Society often has a misguided belief system that women who have passed menopause; since they can no longer give birth, are not supposed to engage in sexual activities. 
Society sees it as a waste of time and sees sexual intercourse as something that should be achieved by the younger generation. Is this in any way fair? So just because my mother is advanced in age, it automatically means that she stops having fun? Why? 
It is a misguided and selfish belief and should not come to our hearing in today’s world system.
Many women, especially when with their husbands at an advanced age, tend to want to explore as numerous events as possible. Apart from the fact or notion that they feel young, this is a way of showing that they are and have had reproductive years, and are not afraid to move on with life as they grow older. 
Many women have been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy, and because they do not know the solution to it, or have probably not heard of what vaginal laser therapy is. Such women tend to feel bad and just forget about being sexually active, and believe that that is what was made for them in the first place. Not true, not in any way correct. 
We will explore various thoughts on how people see vaginal laser therapy, as a bad thing or as a blessing to women. 
Do husbands encourage vaginal laser therapy for their wives or would they instead move along to someone much younger? This is all that would be examined in this article, which will serve as a mode of knowledge for every woman that is either still in the teenage, youth age, adult age, or older adult age. 
It would help women to come to a sense of belonging, and make them decide for themselves what is best, rather than let society choose or determine their fate. Women are therefore implored to take up this article or recommend it to a friend who would rather not have this treatment because of fear of what anyone around would say.
Explicit Definition Of Vaginal Laser Therapy
When a situation arises where the amount of estrogen in the body of a women starts to decline, it has the potential and capacity to become a problem called vaginal atrophy. 
Vaginal laser therapy is the primary focus here according to the above subheading.
Vaginal laser therapy is a laser technology which helps to stimulate the walls or tissues of the vagina, for it to produce more collagen and strengthen the muscles in the vagina to reduce it from burning up. 
This laser treatment was approved in the year 2004 and is still applicable till date. The process of using vaginal laser therapy on women who are suffering from vaginal atrophy is known to be done between an estimated times of 10-12 minutes at least. 
It is not a laborious process and does not take any time at all in the hands of experienced doctors.
When a woman has reached her menopause, all the cells in the mucous membrane are less active and might not be able to produce so much collagen, this keeps the walls of the fragile and nourished and is very prone to infection and other diseases.
Sometimes when this starts, doctors recommend that women use moisturisers or lubrication, estrogen creams and drugs, and water-based lubricants during sexual intercourse, all because of the pain they have started to feel during sexual intercourse. But the invention of vaginal laser therapy calls for a celebration.
How Is It Done?
This process takes about 10-12 minutes for most women. A small probe is inserted into the walls of the vagina, it helps to stimulate the vaginal tissues, tiny pillars of laser energy are released into the walls of the vagina, and the laser then removes a little tissue, thereby creating a small hole in the walls of the vagina. 
Doing this helps in stimulation of the body and starts helping the vagina walls grow healthier tissues than what is there before. This procedure is put in different dates between 5-6 weeks, as the process continues and there is an improvement in the vagina of the patient.
It is indeed an excellent sign and a new hope for people out there who think they’ve  lose all hope.
What Is Vaginal Atrophy?
This infection or vaginal problem is one that I would like to describe in this way; a devastating experience that tells women who are in menopause do not have the right anymore to engage in sexual activities, which comes with an enjoyable physical aspect.
The above is precisely how I would like to describe vaginal atrophy. Nevertheless, it is also widely known as atrophic vaginitis in the medical world and is defined as inflammation or a situation whereby the vagina walls begin to thin out and dry up due to the less production of estrogen in the body. 
This painful event occurs or is very common with women who have reached a menopausal age, or women who have not seen their period for at least 12 months. In some women, sexual intercourse, or first-hand penetration is almost impossible as it brings about a harrowing experience for them. 
They often feel like their vagina is burning up, and is only eased a little when they apply a lot of lubrication. In others, vaginal atrophy brings about uncomfortable urinary symptoms.

Symptoms Vaginal Atrophy
The vagina begins to dry up, even after applying lubrication. There is a feeling of burning and itching in the vaginal area, especially on the inside. Also, there is excruciating pain during sexual intercourse. 

Some women start to experience spotting or bleeding and most times; blood clotting.

Some women tend to start visiting the bathroom more often than usual. It is an indication of interference of the urine system.
What Is The Cause Of Vaginal Atrophy?
There is no explainable cause for this inflammation; in fact, at times it is viewed as a normal occurrence that every woman has to accept as her fate. Usually, what has been known to cause it is the fact that women are in the menopause stage of their lives. 
Without the production of enough estrogen in the body, the vagina becomes thinner and less stretchy. The canal in the vagina also starts to become narrow, not closing up, just becoming narrow each day of then becomes shortened. Less estrogen in the body also is responsible for
little or no vaginal fluid present in the vaginal walls, thereby causing the balance of acid in the vagina to become shaky. It is what is primarily known to cause vaginal atrophy. 
How Is It Diagnosed?
A doctor can diagnose vaginal atrophy based on the symptoms which the patients describe to the doctor. A classic and known way of diagnosing vaginal atrophy is by performing a pelvic examination. The diagnosis is usually through:

1. A shortened and narrowed vagina
2. White disclosing in the vagina
3. When the lining begins to become red and swells
4. When the vaginal lining becomes dry or starts drying up gradually
5. When there is no more stretch in the skin of the vulva
Vaginal Laser Therapy And Society
Various issues have cropped as a result of the emergence of vaginal laser therapy. Many people perceive it as porous, dangerous, uncalled for and wild. Some people say that it is God’s will for a woman to have an experience of menopause, so anything that comes with it is natural
and from God. But this is not in any way right. 
Vaginal laser therapy is a medium or a way of helping women who feel like they can no longer enjoy sex the way they want to, experience what they wish to without any complications, or experience of pain. 
Society declares this act a wild one because it involves two parties, they believe that the process will happen behind closed doors, it can leave room for or lead to sexual activities between doctor and patients. 
Some men would never accept or entertain the idea of a male doctor examining their wives, they would rather have a female doctor; which also springs up some ideas, or they would rather not have their wives examined at all.
Some society antics have related this problem or use of vaginal laser therapy as one that is carried out on women who have had a very wayward youthful age and are now suffering the consequences.
Others are of the opinion that women who are fond of having multiple sexual partners are the partakers of this laser technology. Society scorns this treatment, and most homes are ignorant of this procedure.
At times, women are the ones who are considered the architect of this problem; husbands begin to complain that their wives deny them sexual pleasure which is their right.
Most women start breaking down little by little; they are forced to live with this pain because they believe that there is no hope, some even have their husbands going out of the home to be with other young women.
Actions like this from men often leads to depression in women, as they are tired and worn out from thinking.
Society would in every way condemn this treatment for no good reason, but mostly traditional and hypocritical believes, and this leaves women devastated and unable to explore sexually in advanced age.
That one is old or aged does not mean you have to stop assessing pleasure, it does not mean you have to stop living like other younger women, it definitely does not mean you stop being a woman, or you reduce in value or essence.
And looking to solve a vaginal atrophy problem through the use of vaginal laser therapy, most definitely does not mean you are trying to offend the one who created you.
No! This is a sick mentality, and with the evolving world, we should eradicate such with time. It should not be a part of the thinking faculty of people in the world today.
Does Vaginal Laser Therapy Have Disadvantages?
The only disadvantage of this therapy is the problem of cost. Though it is a straightforward procedure, it is very costly and is usually practised in expensive private hospitals.
The amount used to undergo this treatment is enough to build a house, the charge is per session, and there are various sessions for 6-7 weeks. It is very tasking, and can only be afforded by rich people.
The poor class might not be able to get this treatment and are forced to live with this problem for the rest of their lives.
The disadvantage is a one great, and nothing has been done to reduce the cost. So we can say that a downside of vaginal laser therapy is “COST.”
Having explained in detail how vaginal laser therapy and everything that is associated with it, it is assumed that our readers are now well informed and have increased in knowledge and can easily depict whether vaginal laser therapy is good or bad. Enjoy!

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