The Military Diet: A Basic Approach

The world sees the military “diet”as one of the most important eating practice to cultivate since it comes with reliable dietary claims.

Nutritionists among others claimed it has the potential of reducing weight speedily. It was statedthat in just a week it does reduces weight to around 10 pounds.

Aside from its usefulness, the military diet is easy to practice and free to implement. One is not required to buy any book, exclusivefood, or supplement.

However, is it true that this diet works? Does it worth been practiced?
In this write-up, you will find out the necessarythings you need to know about this diet.

About Military Diet

Referred to as the three-day diet, the military diet in a week has the possibilities of reducing weight to around 10 pounds.
The Military Diet: A Basic Approach

It comes in a three-day food plan, including a four-day rest. After this, you are expected to continue the cycle for weeks until the desired weight is achieved.

Those who brought about this diet plan said it was fashioned by outstanding nutritionists affiliated to United State of American Military to keep soldiers optimally fit for drills and wars.

Nonetheless, findings reveal this diet has no connection with a government agency or the said US military.

People refer to this diet with different names; some refer to it has the ice cream diet, the army diet, or the navy diet.

Fact: Themilitary diet is a low-calorie weight loss diet that is claimed to promote significant weight loss in just one week.

How to Achieve the Military Diet

The military diet comes in a three-day package and can essentially be divided into two stages minding the seven days range.

During whole days in the leading three days, observe the reduced calorie meal strategy, and shun taking junks or snacks after each meal or in between.

If well observed, be rest assured that the estimated consumed calories fall at 1100 to 1400 each day. This is according to the laid down estimated by nutritionists and others who have observed this.

Even though the calories consumed are lesser than the average consumption of an adult, however, use this calculator to measure your required daily calories.

It is expectedthat you consume healthy foods for the other four days, also watch your calorie consumption, and make sure it is reduced.

Those who brought about this diet plan say it could be practiced continuously until the desired weight reduction objective is attained.

Fact: while observing the first three days of this military food plan, some certain foods are to be consumed, and calorie intake should be kept at the base.

Also, the other four days should be observed with lesser calorie.

The Military Diet Plan

Below is a Three-daymeal strategy highlighted by proponents of this diet:

Day 1
One thousand four hundred calories are estimated to be consumed on the day one of the military diets.

1. Take a combination of cut of toast and two teaspoonfuls of butter made from peanut.
2. ½ grapefruit
3. Then, you can take a cupful of tea or coffee. However, this is optional and may be left if not available.

1. Take a portion of toast
2. Consume ½ mug of tuna.
3. Then take a mugof tea or coffee. This is also not compulsory and may be left if not available.

1. Take a cupful of green beansand 85g of meat.
2. Then take an apple (a small one is advisable)
3. Take ½ of banana.
4. Top it up with a cupful of vanilla ice cream.

Day 2
One thousand two hundred calories are estimated to be consumed on day two of the military diets.

1. Take a portion of toast.
2. Add just 1egg (boiled)
3. Take ½ banana.
4. Then top it up with a cupful of tea or coffee. This is not compulsory and may be taken if available.

1. Take an egg (boiled).
2. Take a single cupful of cottage cheese.
3. Then take five saltine crackers.
4. Then top it up with a cupful of tea or coffee. This is not compulsory, but may be considered if available.

1. Take 2hot dogs. Make sure it does not contain bun.
2. Take an mug of broccoli and carrots.
3. ½ banana.
4. Take vanilla ice cream (approximately ½ mug).

Day 3
Estimated 1100 calories are consumed during the 3rd-day plan.

1. Take a portion of cheddar cheese (one ounce).
2. Then add five saltine crackers.
3. Take a little-sized apple.
4. Top it up with a cupful of tea or coffee. This is not compulsorybut could be taken if available.

1. Takea few portions of toast.
2. Take either boiled or fried (One).
3. Add a mug of tea or coffee. Note that this is not compulsory. However, take it if you have.

1.  Take a mug of tuna.
2. Combine with ½ a banana.
3. Take a mugof vanilla ice cream.
4. Take a plentiful portion of tea or coffee until you are satisfied. Make sure you did not take it with cream or sugar. Doing this may increase the number of calories consumed.

5. After this, takeenough water.

The Other 4 Days That Remain

The remaining four days should as well be used for weight reduction.
Even though this remaining four day does not put any embargo on snacks and other food types, nonetheless, it is advisable you reduce your ration amounts, and let the overall consumed calorie fall in the range of 1,500 every day.

Follow this linkto get applications and websites that can help you record the daily calorie consumed.
The proponents of the military diet do not level many rules in the last four days.

Fact: some certainset of food are laid down for the first three days of this plan, but the last four days do not come with bulky dos and don’ts. During this period, take healthy food and lessen your calories during the previousleg, i.e., the last four days.

Other Accepted Foods

For those having food restrictions, the military diets accept a replacement for some foods during the first three days. These replacements are expected to be the same calories with the foods listed.

Take, for example, if you are allergic to peanut, you can substitute it for almond butter. It is okay.
Also, you can substitute a mug of tuna with some almonds. This is good for those who take only vegetables.

What must be watched is some calories, it must be the same. There is nothing bad in changing the plan, but calculate the calories and let it tally with what is givenin the plan.

The discoverers of this diet advise taking hot lemon water; however, they frown against the consumption of beverages with artificial sweeteners. Nonetheless, the rationale behind this is not scientifically explained.

Fact: Those on a restricted type of food have the advantage of switching to another. However, it must have the same amount of calories listed in the plan.

Any Prove for the Military Diet?

Even though there are no tangible studies to substantiate the military diet plan, however, when practiced on for weeks continuously, it does reduces some pounds.

What is behind this is that, if lesser calories are consumed, and lesseris expended, the tendency to burn fat is high.

Those who devised this diet say it reduces weight because of the “food mixtures” existing in the diet plan.

The food mixture works well for metabolism increment and reduces fat in a short time. Any scientific research cannot back this.

Green tea and coffee have a substance that has the potential of heightening metabolism; however, it is not certain if some food mixtures do this (1, 2, 3, 4).

This diet, observing the foods it contains, does not appear to be a real fat reducing diet.
It is a fact that foods with an increased proportion of protein are known to increase metabolism compared to others (5, 6).

What is surprising here is that almost all the foods combined in this diet have small proteinproportion but carbs proportion is high. This mixture could be seen as a bad mixture for weight reduction.

Although some people opined that the military diet could be likened to recurrent fasting, since nothing in this diet plan appearslike fasting, the claim is not true.

Fact: the military diet is a very low calories plan, it can help in weight reduction. Nonetheless, it does not have any characteristics that make it superior to those prominent calorie-resistant diets.

Is this Diet Reliable and Bearable?

The military diet is healthy to some extent and cannot cause you a lifelong health problem. Although, following this plan for months nonstop poses a health risk due to the embargo placed on calories. 

This may result in a nutrient shortageThe nutrient deficiency may result if one fails to consume vegetables and some nutrient filled foods always.

Foods like ice cream, crackers, and hot dogs may result in metabolic problems if they are consumed weekly. Regular consumption of junk foodsalso has a health effect.

Talking about sustainability, the plan is not hard to achieve since it is not to be observed for a lengthy period.

In essence, this diet may not result in forever weight loss since it does not have any effect on the habits.

Fact: even though the military diet is healthy for people, it should not be observed for a long time because it may end in one having health problems. This plan does not result in dependable weight reduction and hence returns the one to his former weight.

Is it possible to Reduce 10 Pounds Weight Within A week?

This plan is prominent for the said possibility of resulting in 10 pounds weight loss in a range of 7 days.

This is only possible in overweight individuals that are just cutting calories. Theweight reduction in this kind of situation isnot fat, but majorly water.

When glycogen reduces in the body, the water weight also reduces. These occur when your carbs and calories consumptions are reduced (7).

Even though when you check your weight, you see a widereduction, but the weight will be regained after you return to your usual lifestyle.

Fact: In a week, you can reduce by 10 pounds if youfollow this plan, but, the weight would be regained when you return to your usual lifestyle.

The Plan works, But for short Period

The military diet works for those who desired to lose a little pound speedily.
Surprisingly, they stand the chance of regaining the weight quickly. The military diet is not for a long time.

If you desire an absolute weight reduction procedures, there are many plans which you can lay your hands on and see a good result as quickly as possible.

Hereare some weight reduction plans that are better than the military diet in many ways.        

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