Klinefelter Syndrome: A Non-Contagious Disorder

K.S is the type of sickness or ailment or disorder that is very weird in the first place. Something does not cause it, Klinefelter syndrome is a non-contagious disorder.

It is not something that has a particular diagnosed drug such as paracetamol for a headache.
Klinefelter syndrome is a problem or disorder that is born with a child due to some miscalculated issues in the sex chromosomes.

People need not even worry about getting pregnant; they need to be very scared of what kind of child is in their wombs.
Klinefelter disorder is very tricky and disheartening that its victims most times do not understand why they had to be made this way.
Some feel dejected and out of place in every situation or place that they find themselves.
They self-loathe and do not appreciate what they are or who they are. These children have a significant challenge and problem and when they sail through it without a scratch should truly be applauded for the effort.
We have heard of schools for the physically challenged and disabled, we even study about disabilities in higher institutions today, this is an evolving change in the economy, the world wants to learn about these kinds of disabilities in other to adapt to them well, or relate with them well in the society.
They are not totally a castaway; they are just individual people who would evolve in their own time and at their own pace.
Have you experienced being with people or being around people who have this disorder, how do you feel most of the time or has it occurred to you or any of your loved one been in this situation?
You want to try to relate to them, and you are not even sure if they can understand you, though some parents who are very bold try in every way possible to extend love and affection towards such a child.
But other parents just give the child up because they cannot withstand the torture of seeing their son or daughter with this problem.
Some children come into this world this way; they do not have an accident in any form they are just ‘disabled’ from birth. This is a lot of trims for parents and guardians.
And even for the victims involved. No one ever wants to experience this kind of torture, and there is no way to prevent it, as it is not a disease that has a drug, every treatment is given to the patients of this syndrome is always done physically. Most of the time the improvement of such children is just centred on hope.
Every parent is hopeful that one day something good will come out of it. This is the very state every parent or guardian find themselves in.
What is Klinefelter syndrome? The general definition
Klinefelter syndrome is a situation also referred to as 47, and even popularly known as the XXY condition.
It is defined as a condition of chromosome disorder that has a vast and drastic effect on the male physical and cognitive development.
In other words, the chromosome malfunction, in this case, is responsible for the slow or no development at all of the male stipulated reasoning skills and efficacy.
Usually, the victims of this syndrome have a shortage of testosterone, which is
known to be the only hormone specially made for directing male sexual development before birth or during puberty.
If this hormone is tampered with, the development stage of the individual will most likely be shortened R might not start at all, that is why children with Klinefelter syndrome often have very small penis call micropenis.
Some appear to be abnormally taller than their peers. The shortage of testosterone in the body can aid in the delay or incomplete puberty in guys, breast enlargement in men also known as gynecomastia, reduced facial and body features, delayed hair growth and can even be the primary cause of infertility.
This syndrome is as a result of xx cells are present in the cells of a child, usually, a male child is supposed to have only the xy cells, but when there is a case of XXY or xxxy, this could result in Klinefelter syndrome in the male child.
There are various symptoms associated with this disorder, but it all depends on some XXY cells represented in a male child.
Klinefelter syndrome is very disheartening and mind-blowing negatively, it is a situation that no child should have to go through, there is no way to prevent, everyone just has to be ready at one point in their lives when they are ready to start having children to accept anything that comes their way.
This article is responsible for bringing to the notice of its readers how Klinefelter syndrome affects the human life, some people view it as positive in the long run, while some only ever see it as a negative situation, a bad dream they never want to wake up from.
But what happens when the reality hits you? What happens when you are faced with having to choose between work and stay at home with a child that most likely does not understand 9 of 10 sentences you make in a minute.
What happens when people start showing you attitude for your present situation? What then happens when your child is termed as being odd and weird by school friends and playmates? Would you give up on such a child?
Some parents and guardians make the mistake of thinking that they are the only ones that are going through the pain and terror of having to bear such a burden even at an early stage of life.
Little do they know that the victims of this syndrome also dread the state they have found themselves, they can see, feel, it is just a huge problem communicating them to the ear of people.
These children are most likely children with potentials; they have a positive addition to the society if only they are opportune to have a chance to be healthy children.
These children also feel the pain their parents and guardians undego; some wish they could just die, so no one has ever to pity their parents.
In some worst cases, some children do not even feel anything; they do not have the slightest idea about what could be going wrong with them at the moment.
This brings us to discuss on what potential these children can have on the economy and in the society, why are they usually abandoned by the mother on the streets or sidewalks?
Really? Wasn’t childbirth in any way painful for you? Why are these children put out as soon as they are born like they made a decision to be born that way?
This should not be the case. Love is the ultimate feeling, and children with Klinefelter syndrome deserve it in every way possible.
Don’t say this is being emotional; it is merely humane.
Klinefelter syndrome victims: a blessing or a curse?
Some people feel like it is a blessing and some people feel like it is a curse, now this article is going to try as much as possible to abstain from being bias and address both sides.
Klinefelter syndrome can be seen as a curse because these children practically have no way of improving, they can only be guided not to become worse.
The victims of this syndrome can learn things and can still do something by themselves if taught repeatedly.
However, we live in a society wherewith it is usually every man for himself, and people with this syndrome practically have to be taught all their lives.
They have to be guided, they have to be checked on, would the world stop really because of a child that has come out affected?
This is how a lot of people picture the situation. What has happened has happened precisely, dwelling on it will prove to be more painful, so why not get on with it right away and forget about everything, look for a solution immediately and end the whole problem immediately?
What if the child is not an only child, should the parents neglect the well being of their other healthy kids just for a kid in the home that does not seem to conform? Klinefelter syndrome is pictured as a disaster because a lot of things would have to stop and start and change for the child, a whole lot of things.
It brings fear of the unknown, fear of what could happen next, and because such children are unpredictable, it is difficult to notice when they are angry something could snap in them making them violent at any point in time.
Why should parents have to live with this trauma, so I don’t know when accurately my kid would snap at me?
Many people view this syndrome as unbecoming and a big problem, one they most likely are not prepared for, so they sought to look for the most comfortable option, in most cases, parents end up isolating such child, or they give the child up to a home.
It is not only Klinefelter syndrome that leads to this but in any other disorder that could prove to be a situation or a problem for the home at large.
Some other people see Klinefelter syndrome in the earlier stage as not being too helpful, as everyone prays for healthy and lovely children. It dawns on them as a blessing in a cloak; they extend a hand of love and affection to the child.
They see it as their cross to bear and do not hesitate to continue to be hopeful that something worthwhile can come out of this situation they have found themselves.
Such children, in this case, would most likely not develop but will have a sense of appreciation around them and feel valued and loved by family members.
Sometimes funny situations may come along where the child would react to it positively.
Whenever there is a good reaction from such children, it increases the enthusiasm of the parents or guardians to take care of such a child because in the real sense, if we are very real with ourselves, such a child did not pray or plan to be born that way.
And since the cause of the problem is known, it would be easier to work towards accomplishing positive results.
These children could grow up and do something better with their lives, though the problem is physical for everyone to see the first stage of getting better is usually in acceptance.
If everyone can accept what has happened and dare it upon themselves to be positive about the situation, then the atmosphere will feel light and colourful for the child and his parents.
We cannot necessarily say that Klinefelter syndrome is a blessing neither can we say that is it a curse, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this kind of problem which is two sides of a coin, but we can say that it is an adaptable problem.
Klinefelter syndrome is known to affect mainly three areas of development in a man which are:
Physical features or areas: This is very true as Klinefelter syndrome mostly changes the characteristics of a guy.
We have been told earlier that some children appear to be abnormally taller than their peers, they tend to have enlarged breasts, and can even be infertile they usually have micropenis too as a physical disability.
These are physical features or areas that Klinefelter syndrome has succeeded in affecting.
Language features or areas: Children with Klinefelter syndrome have a big problem with speech.
At the early stage, they might hear but not respond not because they do not want to acknowledge but merely because they do not know how to respond, even when older they still act like children and do things on the level of knowledge no matter how old they are.
Language or speech problem is a huge deal, it mean such a child is incapable of expressing how he feels, and sometimes how he reacts to situations, is very different from the way a typical child would respond to it.
Language problem can easily be defined as a case whereby a child is diagnosed with a speed disorder, the child cannot speak, or even if he can talk, he will not convey his thoughts expressively, he would rather be vague about them.
Such problems usually come with the worries of the parents and guardians a stock how a child of the sort would be relevant in the society.
Social features or areas: This is very common and is remarkably constant in children with Klinefelter syndrome.
The children in this category are usually reserved, they do not most likely understand what is going in their environment, so they prefer to stay isolated and do not mingle socially with anyone no matter how attractive you seem.
They are often described as the “silent killers.” They tend to stay on their own from time to time, they like being alone, and though they might not enjoy their private company, they do not need anyone around them.
They are incapable of functioning socially in the society.
How to know a child with Klinefelter syndrome
Such a child tends to be somewhat served and quite unnecessarily, always looking so confused, sensitive to situations around them, unassertive, and unpredictable in most cases.
Learning disabilities are very present in them.
They are most likely to develop breast cancer.
They may also be diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory disease called systemic lupus erythematosus.
It affects sexual development.
What is the diagnosis for Klinefelter syndrome?
Klinefelter syndrome diagnosis can be done through genetic testing or can simply be done through ultrasound.
Causes of Klinefelter syndrome
It is a syndrome that is associated with the x and y chromosomes.
It occurs when the formation of the reproductive cells is ongoing.
It involves the presence of extra sex chromosomes, e.g. XXY or XXXY.
We have succeeded in examining the various effects of the Klinefelter syndrome which is a daily occurrence in the male child.
1 in 4 children have been victims of the cruel complication of sex chromosomes but had looked for a way to develop themselves and live with the problem.
Some have chosen to let the problem weight hem down while some have looked for a way to live above the problem.
The truth is, no matter how much is said, it all begins in the heart. And everyone has the right to do whatever he or she thinks in hearts.
Everyone would most likely be in a situation where a decision is needed; it is relevant to know what to do at that time and not let emotions rule over us.
We hope this piece can be beneficial to a lot of people, no knowledge gained is lost, everything we learn someday, we will apply eventually. Enjoy.

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