Dangers And Controls Of Asthma

Asthma is a known disease all over the world, and a lot of people are suffering from it every day.
Some children are born with this ailment, while some get it when they are of age; asthma is no respecter of persons and can show up at any timeif the body is not adequately catered for.

Dangers And Controls Of Asthma

Asthma is responsible for the deaths of about 100,000 people in different countries put together today, this is termedchronic asthma, and it could be as a result of neglect or ignorance of the signs and symptoms of asthma in one’s life.

Asthma would not be in the world today if there were no air pollution.
Everywhere we go, there is a form of air pollution we experience, ranging from cars to offices, industries, companies, everywhere you find yourself, air pollution occurs.
You might only be safe from air pollution in the comfort of your home; but even when you are exposed to harmful air outside, what do you do about it when you get home?
People themselves should ask various questions. There are ways to prevent diseases such as this, but who is ready to do it?
Some people have a notion that when any sickness comes, it would be treated, but asthma is a long life disease, it is not temporary, it could be reduced but cannot be erased.
Does anyone want to have a long life disease? No really, then it should not be hard to follow basic rules and instructions to make sure that your health is intact and not affected in any way.
This article aims at bringing into the awareness of its readers the dangers of neglecting an asthmatic patient.
Also aim at telling its readers of the high need to follow the rules of asthma, no matter how demanding it may seem.
This article is not in any way a form of degrading asthmatic patients, in fact in its own way it applauds the tension the patients go through and how consistent they are to follow instructions.
Also, this article is going to be really expanding and giving a wider knowledge on how to care for an asthmatic patient, what to do if a case comes up, how to be vigilant as a patient, the causes of asthma itself, and how it can be controlled.
It will as well base its case study on giving detailed information on the kind of treatment that is administered to an asthmatic patient, and how to determine asthmatic symptoms.
More so, this article is all about educating people on the above topic, and how to go about it when it is detected in an individual.
This will help people to know what to do at a particular time, and how to treat themselves if the need arises.
Many at times people are ignorant of this sickness or choose to be ignorant, and this could go a long way to affect one’s life negatively.
Asthmatic patients live like people who do not have asthma, but they do some things differently.
This article will help to broaden the knowledge on the type of stuffthat asthmatic patients are not supposed to engage in so as not to affect their health negatively.
What is asthma?
Asthma is a widely known condition that has to do with the respiratory organ, whereby when it happens, the lungs are almost contracted or contracted in most cases and makes it impossible for an individual to breathe well for some time till it calms down, or till something is used to suppress it.
Usually, it happens as a result of an allergy to food or snacks, and sometimes it happens as a result of hypersensitivity which triggers the brain and which equally sends a signal to the respiratory organ that something has gone wrong with the lungs, and the patient can no longer breathe.
This usually comes in the form of spasm, whereby the patient gasps uncontrollably for breath because he or she is short on the air intake. Thismight lead to unconsciousness or even result in comaand in worst cases death if something is not done about asthma, in other words, if proper care is not taken or durable treatment is not given to the patient it might lead to attacks that are uncalled for.
It is seen as the situation which occurs when there is little or no free flow of air in the lungs, which makes the lungs begin to contract and if an inhaler is not usedwith immediate effect, it gradually makes the person unconscious because of the prolonged lack of air.
Usually, the person’s airways become inflamed, very narrow and start to swell; this is very uncomfortable for breathing.
When an asthma attack occurs, it brings about wheezing, and the patient makes uncontrollable whistling sounds.
There are various causes of asthma, ranging from hereditary; also allergies to certain meals and snacks can be a cause of asthma attacks.
Also, as children, an individual could develop respiratory irritations which could make them become asthmatic patients or make them exhibit asthmatic traits.
Another cause of asthma could be as a result of airborne particles or pollutants in the form of acidic gaseous substances that are released into the air and inhaled by individuals in high capacity.
An example is when a non-smoker is found in the midst of smokers every time.
The gas affects the smoker and equally affect the non-smoker a great deal.
This is why it is very inadvisable to stay in the company of smokers because it has been provedthat the inhaled smoke is very unhealthy and can cause or facilitate asthma.
Treatments for asthma
There are various ways to treat asthma, and even treat the symptoms when they occur.
Many patients have a way of restricting themselves from doing certain activities for fear of asthma, some patients even view or see their predicament as a fatal one, some other people perceive asthma as life-threatening, which is not true in either case.
When the right treatments are administered, asthmatic symptoms or asthma itself can be controlledthoroughly.
Though it is a long term disease and is not curable, it can be checkedif the right treatments are taken.
When asthma is adequately controlled, you will reduce chronic and sudden happenings like shortage of breath or coughing.
Also, when you manage asthma very well, it will prevent you from looking for short passages to relief yourself through drugs.
Some people are quick to take drugs if they feel the slightest of pain, even without the help of a physician.
When controlling asthmatic symptoms, it would contribute to reducing the urge to take medications for little pains quickly.
Also, when asthma is adequately controlled, it would help to manage emergency situations.
Avoid things that would increase the tendency of having sudden attacks.
When treating an asthmatic situation, the first thing to do is make sure to follow an asthma plan or guide.
This is very helpful as it would give you detailed information on how to go about drugs, what drugs to take at a particular time of the day, and how to take the drugs.
We all know that it is advisable to eat, but some drugs need a lot of fluid, so the plan would help to make sure you take the drugs right and at the right time.
If it is a child that has asthma, it is advisable to make sure that everyone who comes in contact with the child per day is aware of the child’s state.
Such as the day care, the school teacher, the choir mistress, the camp.
Also, the plan would help to know when to call your doctor if an emergency should occur.
Many people, who take their asthma guide, do not in any way regret it, as it is built in form of a reminder, to constantly tell the individual what to do at a particular time.
This show to a significant amount that asthma can be effectively controlled and the patients can have access to the healthy life that other people enjoy.
Another way to treat asthma is by avoiding things that can trigger sudden emergency situations.
There are various things that cantrigger the asthma attack very quickly, irrespective of where you are at a particular time.
One thing that has been commonly known to trigger asthmatic attacks is air pollution.
When the air is not fit or conducive, because of how much you care about yourself, it is better to stay indoor at least till the air is clear.
People, who live around industries that manufacture acids, gases,and other airborne substances, are at a high risk but you can still live better by knowing when to leave the house to avoid excess inhaling of those gases so as not to worsen your asthmatic condition.
Asthma medicines can be taken in pill form; your doctor has to carry out some tests and examine you to know the drug that would work for you.  
The test is to ascertain if you can take pills or just go with an inhaler. Only a doctor can determine this, and that’s why it is advisable to be in constant check-up with your doctor for new information when it arises.
There are various types of inhalers that fitdifferent types of asthmatic situations.
Irrespective of the kind of inhaler administered to use, there is a proper way to use it.
How to use your inhaler
When you want to use your inhaler, standing upright would be a perfect way, and if you are sitting, it is advisable to sit upright.
First, you have to remove the coverlet for the mouthpiece to the inhaler, and then you have to check it inside out if it is clean thoroughly.
Asthmatic patients can be very prone to infection especially when it has to do with their lungs.
It is advisable to make sure the mouthpiece of the inhaler is clean and free of particles, and then you shake it well, to mix the content inside it, so you would not just have air passing through your lungs.
The inhaler should be held upright, with your thumb on the base just below the mouthpiece, then start a respiratory exercise by breathing out well, as it is comfortable for you.
 You are to place the mouthpiece in your mouth just between your teeth, just close your lips around it, then press firmly down on top of the canister to release a puff of the content inside the inhaler.
After this is done, hold your breath for a while, and take the inhaler from your mouth; and your finger from the base, continue to hold your breath for a few seconds, as it is comfortable for you.
These steps can be repeated a few more times, in an emergency situation, until the patient is calmed down, afterward rinse the mouth of the person with water, which should not be swallowed, this would help to ease the situation.
Symptoms of asthma and its prevention
Symptoms of asthma can only mean behaviours to determine that a person has started exhibiting traits of an asthmatic patient.
These symptoms can come in different forms; thereby it is advisable to be very vigilant at all cost.
Coughing excessively: This is a symptom of asthma, especially if it becomes worse at night, and after taking drugs to reduce it.
Most people start coughing uncontrollably, and with time when it subsides they forget about it, but excessive coughing is one of the basicsigns or symptoms of asthma and should be taken note of thoroughly.
Wheezing: This is a known symptom of asthma; it includes making funny sounds with the mouth, which is coming from the lungs.
In this case, the patient may start beating his or her chest, because it feels like there is a contraction going on in the chest, and they can’t get enough air.
This should be treated with utmost care, and if it becomes worse, a hospital would be the next place to be.
Also, we have shortness of breath, which involves graspingand looking for the air that is around you, the patient can also experience chest tightening, and pains may occur in the chest area of the individual.
Usually, when these signs come unexpectedly if you take out time to touch the person’s chest, the heart could be racing uncontrollably, if such situation is not handledimmediately, such a person could faint or become unconscious.
Many things facilitate the occurrence of attacks; these include, dusty environments, when the air is not fit for breathing. Also, exhaust from cars and trains can be a trigger for an asthma attack.
One can have an allergy to food, which could bring about wheezingand sneezing uncontrollably.
Also, vigorous physical activities can contribute to the occurrence of asthma attacks including exercises.
There are also ways by which healthy people can prevent this disease from being a part of their lives.
It is all about doing the right thingat the right time no matter the situation.
Keep away from things that would cause shortness of breath for you, avoid foods that trigger the allergic reaction, avoid strenuous activities especially when your body is giving you signs that it’s time to stop.
Eat healthy meals, and treat a cough well, with the right treatment, take enough water, to explain the passage to the lungs and remove mucus from time to time.
This will contribute to helping to live a better life, and a life free of asthma. Anything that is not fit for the body is dangerous to the body; it is better to avoid it effectively.
Asthma attack
An asthma attack is an uncontrollable situation for the patient involved. Every asthmatic patient dreads this moment and would give anything not to feel it.
Sudden asthma attacks have been the reason for a lot of deaths in the world, and many people experience this attack every day even when they do not Stress themselves out.
Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should try as much as possible to talk to their doctors from time to time and seek advice, run checkups and follow their daily asthma plan.
Also, it is advisable that anywhere you go to, you should have a backup plan which is your inhaler, it does not matter where you are going to, it is safe to take your inhaler with you just in case of sudden emergencies.
No one knows better what you feel except you, so it is advisable to take precautions where needed.
This article would be responsible for saving a lot of people who do not know that the symptoms they experience are signs asthma, it would also serve as a guide for people who are already aware of their situation, and help them to take care of themselves well without problems.
Asthma cannot be cured, as there is no cure for it yet, but it can be controlled, and it all depends on the individual if he or she is ready to be healthy.
Most people are stubborn and hard headed and end up finding themselves in ugly like situations that they do not deserve.

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