When it comes to losing body fat, an excellent trick to doing it with little stress, is changing lifestyle patterns. A little here, a little there, as your fat load gradually “melts away.”

The list compiled below is not of overnight working wonders, preferably they are changes to effect and imbibe till they become a habit.

These 7+ simple lifestyle trends are proven methods with averagely long term coming results to adopt for weight loss, noticeable from 3-6 months.

Take Every Opportunity to Move More

This might seems like making life harder for yourself, but you already know what would happen in the long run.

Taking the steps instead of the elevator, ditching the ride and taking a walk, doing chores manually instead of with machinery and fun ones like not suppressing the urge to move to the music beat. 
To considerably speed up your weight loss, consider working out with an exercise plan.
Eat More High in Protein Foods
Protein is a wonder nutrient that keeps you feeling fuller, burns fat (especially belly fat) and grows lean muscles that get you looking firm.

Try substituting a high carb diet with protein-rich food and see the difference in your system function and over time, your body structure.

Foods with high protein content include Egg, Cheese, Low-fat yogurt/Milk, Nuts, Fish, Meat, Soya beans (and products), Beans, Groundnut, Locust beans e.t.c.

Do Not Sleep After Eating

Give a gap 2-3 hours after eating before thinking of taking a nap or lying down, whether at night or during the day.

When you sleep after eating, there is no ample opportunity to expend the calories, and they are stored in the body as that unwanted fat.

Also, lying down makes it harder for your digestive system to function as it needs you upright to digest effectively, this can cause somegastrointestinal disorders.
Eat Early Healthy Breakfasts
Do not make a habit of skipping breakfast. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism faster to burn more calories as you start your day, it gets you filled with energy to work, keeping you from snacking or overeating later on in the day.

You’ve heard it before that “ you are to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and then dinner like a pauper.”
Drink Enough Water
Drinking enough Water would improve and increase your metabolism as it clears out waste from your body.

Also, drinking water would suppress your appetite, making you full and off more food. You are advised to at least drink 2-3 liters of water every day, making sure you drink before meals to get appetite suppressant benefits.

Tip:Instead of snacking on processed foods, substitute them for a cool, refreshing drink of water.

Do Not Indulge in Processed Foods and Carbonated Drinks
These are usually packed full with calories that your body doesn’t need at once. They include junk food, fast foods, fizzy drinks, sugar products, flour products e.t.c.

Still,they can be addictive, making you eat so much, and going back for more. This kind of food is very bad news for you on your weight loss journey, and you should break away from them.
Modify Your Eating Habits
When eating, be conscious of the food on your plate, your ingestion and the body’s response to the food.

Use a plate that gives an illusion of much (small round plates rather than big). Don’t rush while eating; chew your food properly before swallowing.
Always listen to your body’s call of having enough, so you don’t overeat.
Eat Snacks, the Healthy Ones
Whenever you want to snack reach for fruits (orange, garden egg, apple), vegetables (carrots, cucumber), nuts (groundnut, cashew nut, walnut), healthy drinks (natural fruit drinks, smoothies, yogurt).

You can stock them in your house and carry them along on the go. When that bun is enticing, instead reach for a stick of carrot!

There you go, 7+1 Tips to healthier living for weight loss. Keep in mind that each one works with everyone. A little of this, a little of that- All the best!

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