Body weight is mostly made up of bone, water, muscle, and fat. One of the aforementioned has to be used up to cut back the figure on the scale, and burning body fat is the healthiest and most naturalway to reduce body weight and here are 15 common scientific proven exercises for losing weight.

The idea behind losing body weight is to burn more calories, possibly increase your metabolism (calories needed to maintain essential body functions) and reducing the intake of calories (where your diet comes in).

Different forms of exercise work mostly with the first and second idea; burning more calories and increasing metabolism. It might reduce your intake of calories too by keeping you busy and away from those carbs!

Here, is a compilation of 15 scientific proven common exercises you can do by yourself without expensive equipment, to effectively lose as many calories and improve your metabolism to lose even more.
I have grouped them into; Aerobic exercises, Resistance training, andPlyometrics.
Also known as cardiovascular exercises or cardio workouts, are the known best for losing weight.
They work with large muscle groups (of the thighs and legs), but the whole body and fat weight is reduced evenly.
They also help to build little lean muscles, burn visceral fat (fat in the body organs) combat cardiovascular diseases and minimizeblood sugar among other health benefits.
For results, do these exercises at least three times a week with an overall workout time of 30 minutes each time.
Here is a list of common cardio exercises you can have fun with, switch around and work with towards your desired weight!
1. Running/jogging
Running/jogging is aerobic exercise at it’s best basic form! You can move with it around the neighborhood; youcan also jog on the spot.

About 300-400 calories are burned after moderate intensity running of 30 minutes. Also, after running your body still uses more calories than usual during an afterburn that lasts up to 5-10 minutes.

2. Walking
Moving around on your feet burns more calories than you might think. You would want to go for long brisk walks, but even if it’s just a short one to get to somewhere, you are gradually increasing your calorie usage.
About 150-250 calories are burned after 30 minutes of walking. Other ideas include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and of course, leaving the car to get that walk.

3. Cycling
Granted, you would need equipment for this, but it’s the most easily sourced, probably from your backyard or a friend, and believe me,it’s worth the stress.

Apart from cycling being so much fun, it is an excellent mode of transportation while burning almost as manycalories as during moderate intensity running depending on your weight, speed and slope character of your route.
So get out that bike, get the dust off and get to riding.
4. Swimming
If you ask me one exercise you can do without “breaking a sweat,”of course, it’s swimming.
Per 30 minutes, you can burn about 300-400 swimming fast and 200-300 swimming slow. It significantly reduces stress level as you can exercise without feeling much of your body weight.


Swimming is a lot of fun and while splashing around in the water or attempting to learn you have started your weight loss journey.
But to lose effectively, learn a stroke – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly- and begin your reps.
5. Skipping/Jumping rope
Remember that activity of jumping rope you did or did not do as a child? It’s grown to be one of the raves for losing weight especially comfortably from your home, and it’s not so much child’s play anymore as adults everywhere are indulging.


Skipping at moderate intensity would lead to as much calorie loss as running. You’re still running; it’s just on the spot and with a rope which can be improvised from many things; from electric cables to your detached Landry line.
6. Jumping Jacks
For every 100 jumping jacks, you do you burn about 200 calories. If you don’t remember it from your child’s play these are tips for how to go about it:
stand while your feet are together and place your hands by your side
jump into opening your legs shoulder width apart, while your hands come up to meet over your head
Go back to your previous position you maintained and then, repeat the action.
7. Butt kicks
It is running, but it’s donewith the heels of the feet touching your bum.
It could get more intense than running as the muscles do more work to protectthe legs backward burning averagely 370 calories per second. It can be done over a distance or at a spot.
8. High Knees
High knees are the extreme opposite of butt kicks. The knees come up -as in the running– but goes further as close to the chest as individually possible.
It could also be done over a distance or at a spot.
9. Dancing
Whether to get your groove on or for a cardio workout, dancing is a majorcalorie loser. Averagely 190-250 calories disappear after that dance sesh.
From afro-pop, contemporary, hip hop, salsa to your style you probably can’t put a name to.
People say they desire to “lose weight,” but in actual sense, what most people mean is that they want to reduce their body size.
Yes, body weight and body size are entirely different. While Body weight is the mass measure, body size is the metric measure, and they don’t always work hand in hand.
One person could be chubby but lighter than someone of the same height whichis bony and slightly muscular.
This is where I’m going: muscle is heavier than fat, but 1 kg of fat occupies a whole lot more space than 1 kg of muscle.
In Strength training, as fat weight decreases muscle weight increases and overall body weight might experience just a slight change, not change or even increase.
But body size decreases when fat that occupies so much space is lost.
It is advisable to combine strength training with Aerobic exercises as aerobics are the best for losing weight, but strength too burns fat and builds muscles that burn more fat.
Below are 3 exercisesthat should be done in reps together for an overall body workout as each one is usually specific to groups of muscles.
They burn the fat and build/tone the muscles in the upper limbs. They could be done in a progression 1st day-10 2nd day-15 e.t.c.


If you can’t do full one successfully, you could start doing it placing your knees on the ground.
If you finally want to successfully get rid of that your protruded stomach, your best bet is including reps of sit-ups in your workout routine.
It is lying down in a prone position and sitting up using the muscles of the stomach. They work the muscles of the abdomen also, strengthening the core and back muscles.
There are different types you can work around with.
12. Squats
You must have heard of ladies squatting to get bigger hips. Squatting does this by burning the fat in the hips and thighs and adding bulk to the muscles leading to a toned lower region.
To do a basic squat, here are the steps:
stand straight while your feet are shoulder size apart
go down with knees bent into a sitting position
stand up into the original position
repeat movement.
Plyometric exercises involve the rapid stretching and contracting of muscles to develop maximal muscular power in short intervals of time.
Development of muscular strength, in turn, burns substantially amount of calories. They involve a lot of force exerted on the joints so you should avoid it if you have joint problems.
Below are 3 top plyos that can be easily done to burn majorcalories.
13. Squat jump
To do squat jumps:
stand straight, feet shoulder width apart
go into a normal squat position
jump straight up explosively
while landing lower your body into the original squat position
repeat the sequence.
14. Tuck Jumps
To do tuck jumps:
stand straight, feet shoulder width apart
bend your knees slightly
keep your hands horizontally straight in front of you
jump straight up, lifting your knees to touch your hands or your chest
land back into bent knees
repeat the sequence.
15. Frog jumps
stand straight, feet shoulder width apart
bend the knees as deep as it can comfortably go
keep your hands behind your head, clasps in front of you or on your waist.
leap forward, at least one foot
land back into bent knees
repeat the sequence
Combining activities to make up an effective workout plan for weight loss has gotten more comfortable with this list of 15 common scientifically proven exercises for losing weight but make sure you keep to appropriate diet while working out the fat.
All the best!

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